Google is replacing faulty Nexus 6P devices with free Pixel XL

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Yes, you read it right. Google is now offering Pixel XL devices for the owners of a faulty Nexus 6P.

A few months ago, some Nexus 6P owners reported that there is an issue with the batteries of their devices and sometimes their phone gets stuck in a boot loop. Later on, the fault proved to be on the manufacturer’s end and now Google has come forward to serve its customers.

Google is offering an all new Pixel XL phone to the users who have a faulty 6P. The phone is being offered in different countries including USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. However, devices offered in different countries are different. In the USA, users are getting the Pixel XL with 128GB storage, regardless of which version of Nexus 6P device they had. On the other hand, users in Canada are getting the 32GB version of the Pixel XL device, regardless of their previous Nexus 6P unit.

The situation in the UK is hit or miss. You might get a Pixel XL or a Nexus 6P as a replacement unit. And users in Australia are still getting a new Nexus 6P device as a replacement. Sorry, no Pixel for Aussies.

Google Pixel Replacement

If you apply for the replacement, Google will charge you the full price from your credit card as a security ($770 for the 32GB Pixel XL and $840 for the 128GB version) and will ship your phone instantly. You’ll then have to ship your Nexus 6P back to Google within 21 days and you’ll get your full money back. If you fail to ship your phone within 21 days, you will not get your money back and the phone will still be yours.

There is one more thing to keep in mind, the replacement is only being offered from the official Google Store and only if you purchased your phone from the Google Store earlier. If you purchased the phone from any other vendor, you’re out of luck.

Are you a Nexus 6P owner and excited to get the new Pixel XL?

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