Google rolls out Chrome 75, improves dark mode, adds password generator and more

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome — the most popular internet browser around the globe is also known for frequently releasing new versions of Chrome that deliver fixes, improvements, and new tools. The tech giant Google has started rolling out Chrome version 75 to Android users in addition to those using Mac, Windows or Linux computers last week and at this point, the update is also rolling out many emerging markets including Pakistan.

We know that Chrome 74 brought the first version of dark mode for Android, but the dark theme has now been essentially improved with Chrome’s version 75. Now, it doesn’t require enabling a flag to get the ‘Dark Theme’ page. Instead, the mode will be visible in Chrome’s settings by default. Chrome 75 also gives the option to users to permanently disable the dark mode. Moreover, the text dark mode’s tab titles are finally white, hence, it has become more readable and vigilant — the update all Chrome users desperately needed.

In addition, the Chrome 75 mobile platform for Android and iOS comes equipped with a number of new password tweaks that should make saving credentials easier than ever before. In this new security-centric update, when a user clicks on a ‘Sign In’ sheet, a bar will present itself at the top of the smartphone keyboard. This will, in turn, enable a lock button that will show saved passwords for that specific website. Furthermore, if a Chrome browser user on Android is creating a new account or altering their password, a new button will appear above their keyboard that reads “suggest strong password”.

Another worth mentioning the update in the Chrome is a new feature for developers dubbed “Scroll Snap Stop”. The update will help developers choose a position or item that cannot be skipped over by using a scroll.

Other smaller features bundled with this update include more options for web animations to developers with improvements to the Web Animation API. Last but not least, the web pages can check if your device supports a given sample size, sample rate, latency, and channel count for audio playback.

The Chrome 75 update can be received by downloading the latest Google Chrome app from your respective stores or if you are an Android user you can simply download the APK from here.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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