Google will assist you in selecting the best Android handsets

Written by Mohammad Farooq ·  49 sec read >

Selecting from a wide variety of available Android handsets can be a headache at times. Google has launched Android-Which Phone tool on their official Android web page to help users select the perfect handset.

Android-Which Phone will be especially welcomed by non-technology users, who are unaware of the tech and feature specifications available in latest smartphones. The website is easy to use and navigate, select the features you want in your future Android phone and it will instantly suggest handsets tailored to your selections made earlier.

In addition, the main hub has been divided into a layer of categories for you to select from. For example, from ‘Taking photos’ to ‘Staying Fit’ categories available to select from, it gives the users the ability to choose those features tailored to their needs. This will enable users to receive suggestions for handsets of their liking.

Android – Which Phone tool

The choices available to select from users may be confusing for users and could end up overwhelming them. Google should be lauded for launching this tool to assist users in selecting their future handsets because there are so manufacturers out there to select from.

Google might have launched this tool to make people ready for Project Ara, a special type of phone where you can choose, plug and change hardware blocks for your mobile.

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Written by Mohammad Farooq
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