Google’s Change the Game Design Challenge 2018 won by a 17-year-old girl

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June 12, 2018
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A 17-year-old girl named Christine, from Vancouver, Washington has won the title of Change the Game Design 2018.

Christine developed a side-scrolling puzzle game in which a girl named Mazu has to solve puzzles to make her way through a dangerous forest. Mazu, a young shapeshifting girl who uses her intelligence to make her way on a journey through an unfamiliar terrain land, inhabited by predators, and money-hungry hunters.

Christine got the Grand Prize of $10,000 in faculty scholarship along with a $15,000 of generation contribution which went to Christine’s school. She and the other four winners also got an exclusive experience at E3 Expo where they will be able to preview their game design. They have also won a tour of the Google Los Angeles office, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

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Last year in December, Google introduced the initiative Change the Game aimed to focus on girls and their participation in different games. The initiative was launched to focus on the participation of women and young girls in gaming who are usually underrepresented and there should be games designed by them.

“Our mission is to make mobile gaming truly for everyone by celebrating and empowering women as players and creators. To do this, we’re committed to improving gender diversity in three areas of the mobile gaming world.” Google says on the Change the Game website.

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