Google’s Fast Pair feature is now available on non-Pixel Android phones

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Pixel Buds

Google introduced a feature called Fast Pair with the launch of Google Pixel devices. The feature lets you quickly pair your Bluetooth headphones with your phone.

Apple introduced the effortless AirPods pairing with the launch of its wireless AirPods. It allows you to pair your wireless AirPods with your iPhone easily. You just need to bring your AirPods near your iPhone and the iPhone will automatically detect them and will allow you to pair them with just a tap.

Google Fast Pair works in the same fashion. You just need to bring a supported Bluetooth near your Android phone and it will offer you to pair it with your phone in one tap. Your phone will download the headphones name, its picture and its companion app automatically. It means that you don’t need to manually search for Bluetooth devices and pair them, you just need to bring it near to your phone and your phone will do the rest. You don’t need to manually download the companion app as well.

The feature was first exclusive to Pixel devices only. Now Google is rolling out the feature to all Android devices running Android 6.0 and above. Google is working with different Android manufacturers and different headphone manufacturers to make this feature available for more and more devices and people.

Google removed 3.5mm audio jack from its pixel phones in favor of wireless audio technology. Google also made Pixel Buds which already support Fast Pair. Google wants to go wireless and inviting other Bluetooth accessory makers to be a part of the development.


Written by Uzair Khalid
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