Google’s Safe Browsing tools now protect more than 3 Billion devices

Written by Ali Leghari ·  56 sec read >

Google says that its Safe Browsing tools are now protecting more than 3 Billion devices across the globe. The tools help and keep users, who are browsing through different browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox from their computers and mobiles, safe from opening a malicious or dangerous site or link.

It is a huge news from and for Google as last year in May 2016, the company reported that its Safe Browsing tools are protecting 2 Billion devices, which now numbers to 3 Billion devices. Google launched anti-malware tools back in 2007 and since then it is protecting devices from “the badness of the internet”.

Google also asserted that its current Safe Browsing features are using machine learning technology and the company is “continually evaluating and integrating cutting-edge new approaches to improve Safe Browsing.”

Google’s Stephan Somogyi and Allison Miller said in a blog post,

Protecting all users across all their platforms makes the internet safer for everyone. Wherever the future of the internet takes us, Safe Browsing will be there, continuing to evolve, expand, and protect people wherever they are.”

The further said, “We built new technologies to make its data as compact as possible: We only send the information that’s most protective to a given device, and we make sure this data is compressed as tightly as possible.”

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Aside from Google’s Safe Browsing tools which are protecting devices from malware, the company has updated its Dashboard platform from the ground up and is integrating My Account and My Activity services into Dashboard.