Government Launches Pakistani Alternative of Whatsapp; Beep App

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Beep App

Federal Minister for Information Technology (IT) Syed Amin Ul Haque announced a significant step for Pakistan’s technology landscape with the launch of ‘Beep Pakistan’, positioning it as a homegrown alternative to the widely popular messaging platform, WhatsApp with the Beep App. 

During the launch ceremony, Haque underlined the historical significance of this milestone, noting that the initiation of a 30-day trial run for Beep Pakistan is a pivotal moment for the country’s burgeoning IT sector. This trial phase will commence with internal usage for communication between the Ministry of IT and Communication and the National Information Technology Board (NITB), gradually expanding to encompass all government departments in subsequent phases, and ultimately reaching the general population across Pakistan.

The IT Minister said that the launch of this application will put an end to audio and video leaks. He also revealed that three new incubation centers have been established over the past 4 years. He added:

“Today, 33 companies are manufacturing smartphones in Pakistan. World’s major companies are also manufacturing mobile phones in Pakistan. In 2020, IT exports were only $1 billion. Today, IT exports have reached $2.6 billion. Our aspiration is to take IT exports up to $15 billion.”

While acknowledging that Pakistan may have entered the arena of WhatsApp alternatives later than some of its neighboring countries like India and Bangladesh, Haque stressed the importance of making this move, even if it has been a bit delayed. He likened it to the adage “better late than never,” underscoring the significance of having a secure and sovereign communication platform for the nation.

The minister elucidated the features of Beep Pakistan, revealing its capabilities such as data sharing, audio and video calling, and conference calling. One of its notable strengths is its robust security infrastructure, with the app’s servers and source code situated within Pakistan’s boundaries. This design choice ensures a higher level of data privacy and security for the users, a crucial consideration in today’s interconnected digital landscape.

Syed Amin Ul Haque took the opportunity to commend the National Information Technology Board (NITB) for its instrumental role in bringing Beep Pakistan to fruition. He expressed immense pride in the achievement of presenting Pakistan with its own indigenous alternative to established international platforms like WhatsApp.

Over the span of the past 3.5 years, the Ministry of IT has embarked on an impressive journey of technological advancement, launching a total of 83 projects that have collectively accounted for an investment of Rs77 billion. 

These initiatives have been primarily aimed at enhancing digital infrastructure and connectivity in second and third-tier cities, thus bridging the technological divide between different regions of the country. Haque also highlighted the ministry’s contribution to education by equipping over 3.3 million children with vital digital skills, empowering them for the future.

Furthermore, Haque pointed out the establishment of three additional National Incubation Centers (NIC) during his tenure. These centers are pivotal in nurturing and supporting startups and entrepreneurs in the technology sector, fostering innovation and economic growth.

The launch of Beep Pakistan represents a significant stride for Pakistan’s IT sector, aligning with global trends of digital sovereignty and secure communication. The comprehensive efforts by the Ministry of IT, under the leadership of Syed Amin Ul Haque, underscore the nation’s commitment to technological progress and the empowerment of its citizens in the digital age.

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