Technology – Helping you Buy, Sell, and Rent Properties on the Go

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The buying and selling of a property is a life-altering transaction.

Similarly, renting the perfect house includes affordable options, good condition, with the basic amenities nearby, and located in a secure neighborhood.

Innumerable housing societies, diverse housing types, diverse market trends, different agents, and distinctive pricings. As enormous as the real estate sector is, it is equally as complex, which is why securing all available information and contacts to get the best deal is highly imperative.

As complex as all of this seems, and with the advent of PropTech in Pakistan, it’s equally easy to find the right option from the palm of your hands.

PropTech Solution

Introducing the Graana App that helps you find properties to Buy, Sell and Rent on the go.

Pakistan’s 1st Online Real Estate Marketplace simplifies the real estate experience by offering thousands of verified property listings across Pakistan, available agents to contact, detailed property features including pictures, videos and live tours of the property, while using the app on the go.

Here are 5 reasons to install the Graana App;

  1. Smart Download

Available on both, the Apple App Store and Google Play, the Graana app offers a quick download to your Android or iPhone. Simply search Graana to download the app for free, ensuring a smooth user experience.

The Graana app is updated to offer the best user experience free of any bugs or slowdowns.

  1. Easy Sign-up option

While ditching the hassle of creating a new account for a new app, this app offers you to sign up using your existing Facebook or Google account.

After verifying by punching in the code received on your number, you can easily sign up to start your search to find the perfect home.

  1. All You Need on a Single Screen

Offering options to buy, sell, rent in, or rent out or invest, the Graana App makes your property search easy with its smart filters selection. Choose the desired option, apply the filters according to the price range, locality, house type, and city you are interested in and get the exact property listings.

No fiddling, no advertising banners, or annoying third-party prompts to spoil your mood and results.

  1. Seamless Navigation & Property Search

The app offers seamless navigation that helps users grasp how to use the search option effortlessly. The app is designed with quick load times and an easy scroll feature which helps the users find the required property easily, along with being pleasing to the eye.

For example, if you would like to search for a house for rent in Islamabad, all you need to do is select the area in Islamabad and simply hit ‘Search’.

  1. Verified Listings

Numerous parameters contribute to the drastic trends in real estate. Be it localities, house types, or pricing details, it is essential to get to know all these before any kind of property transaction.

Graana app takes care of all these concerns for you, ensuring a smooth user experience. It offers unlimited verified listings for you to choose from.

The new Graana App presents you with reimagined and simplified real estate solutions

To begin your real estate journey, download now on iOS and Android.

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