Famous Music Streaming Website, Grooveshark, shutting down

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Nowadays, we have ample websites providing music streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Beats Music, Souncloud etc. In 2006, when Grooveshark came out, there were almost no fan-friendly and affordable music services available online. Over the years, the company provided quality music streaming on web, desktop and smartphones but sadly the company lost its battle with the music industry.

The team behind the project, today, declared that they are shutting down the services. In the statement released by the founders, they confessed that acquiring music without proper rights was a bad idea which resulted in legal actions against them and now they have to cease operations immediately.

According to the court ruling, Grooveshark has violated its copyrights which could have resulted in $420 million in fine. However, the company was able to get a settlement agreement with all major recording companies. The agreement compels Grooveshark to shut down their services immediately and wipe clean all of the record companies’ copyrighted work. They are also asked to hand over the ownership of the website, mobile apps and intellectual property including patents and copyrights.

Grooveshark was the most favorite music streaming portal for millions of music lovers and listeners across the globe. However, the good thing is that there are many other music streaming services available to internet users. You can find great music services suitable to your needs at this website.

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