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HEC Chairman Stresses Upon Using Technology In Education

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Higher Education Commission (HEC) chairman Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed said that nowadays world’s center of attention is technology. Everywhere in the world, the priority of the education sector is to digitally revolutionize and use technology and innovative ideas to succeed in life.

Dr. Mukhtar was addressing the students of International Islamic University at the closing ceremony of the 7th International Applied Business Research Conference. At the same time, he said that after considering the modern demands, (HEC) is encouraging our universities to introduce smart classrooms, hybrid learning systems, and blended education.

Moreover, the HEC chairman considers such demands essential to gain success and compete with the world. Besides, it is not the time of buildings and models but the time to implement a smart-university ideology. Moreover, during Covid-19, smart-university education worked in favor of the global education system.

Whereas, according to Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, under the guidance of HEC, universities need to use cloud computing. The need is to use technology effectively, keeping in mind what will change in the following decades.

Currently, it is a need to implement a hybrid and blended learning system for Pakistan to stay in the race. Likewise, the HEC chairman appreciated IIUI for organizing the conference. On the latest and most significant topic and promised his full support.

HEC forces to embed technology in education


On the other hand, IIUI President Dr. Hathal Homoud Alotaibi said the world is revolutionizing speedily due to technology. After the internet, we saw innovations like robotics, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, the IIUI president also focused on the university’s open and distance learning system, the current strategic plan, the organizational chart, and the campus management system. If we look back at human history, we will realize that innovations and technology take the place of older things. Presently, the world is progressing since they understood the necessity of digital transformation.

Also, the Vice President of the university, Dr. Ahmed Shuja Syed, and Dr. Ayaz Afsar IIUI, the Vice President of academic affairs, shared their perspective on the closing ceremony of the 7th International Applied Business Research Conference.

Dr. Ahmed Shuja Syed talked about the benefits of technology and how one can take advantage of the available business opportunities, and why they are essential. On the other hand, Dr. Ayaz Afsar acknowledged the efforts of the organizers of the conference.

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