HEC tells VCs to run Govt Universities through charity after govt cuts their budget by 50%

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April 22, 2019
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Higher Education Commission (HEC) has directed Vice Chancellors (VCs) of all government universities to run their respective universities through a fund-raising programme after a 50 percent reduction in the budget of HEC.

According to a report by C42, HEC has issued a new five-point agenda for government universities across the country. In accordance with this new agenda, HEC has told VCs to make arrangements to run universities from their own resources. The VCs have also been directed to get donations from alumni, philanthropists, industry and by attracting a broader array of students, including students from foreign countries to run universities.

Furthermore, HEC has decided to accelerate the deployment of the Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS) in order to enhance transparency and enable increased efficiency.

HEC has also halted several important developmental projects related to universities including the construction of new universities and faculty development, etc.

For the next fiscal year 2019-20, the planning commission has proposed Rs. 46.22 billion worth of development budget for the HEC with no mention of the deficit that will have an impact on the universities and their projects.

The budget cut of HEC’s developmental projects would bring massive disruption in the provision of higher education and research.

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