Here are all the exciting features of iOS 13 from the public beta

Written by Muhammad Usman ·  2 min read >

The iOS 13 is available as a public beta. This means you can actually download it right now and help report problems in the system. However, it may have issues that can become a headache. But that’s the whole point of a public beta. The public beta of both macOS and iPadOS is also available. The latter took a split from the iOS to become a standalone operating system for the iPads.

Originally, Apple had planned a public beta for all the three platforms in July. But apparently, the company is confident enough to make an early release. Should you choose to download it right now, be prepared for instability and potential app compatibility issues. Most popular apps will work fine but some may not work at all.

iOS 13 Key Features

Apart from the small improvements and miscellaneous updates, there are a few notable features. Apple users are finally getting a Dark Mode. Moreover, there is a new Reminders app which is Apple’s take on Evernote. Some more features are as follows:

  1. Performance upgrades
  2. New volume heads up display
  3. Memoji improvements
  4. Photos app
  5. Find My

There is the addition of High-key mono portrait mode effect. This makes for a classic look with a monochromatic subject on a white background. This is complemented with a new slider which can be used to tweak with its intensity. If you are deleting an app with an active subscription, iOS will warn you and show the date when the subscription will end. This may be a small thing, but it is a nifty feature.

We’ll take a look at some of the features in more detail.

Dark mode
Works pretty much as the title suggests. This one feature is something people have been requesting for a long time. It essentially turns everything white to black and vice versa, making it easier on the eyes as well as the battery.

Apple sign in

Like Google and Facebook, now you can use your Apple ID to sign into services. However, it is more than that. Apple is giving you the option of not providing your name or email address. Instead, a random email address is provided to the service.


The default Photos app is also getting an upgrade. Videos will now autoplay, like in Snapchat. The search function is also reworked to make the experience easier. Moreover, photo and video editing toolkit is also expanded.


Apples iOS 13 will be getting a default feature in which you can slide the characters in the keypad and type smoothly.

Memoji stickers

Previously, memoji was only used in Messages as videos. Now you will be able to share stickers in Mail and other platforms.

Handling unknown callers

Another new feature is to send callers not in your contact list directly to a pre-recorded voice mail.
Voice Memos

A new default app lets you take audio notes. It will include basic voice editing features like trimming and replacing.

Upgraded ‘Find my iPhone’

Find my iPhone has been around a long time but it just got a cool new feature. The Find my iPhone and Find my Friends are combined. To find iPhone in a close area, Bluetooth will be used. Comparatively, it will consume less power.

Optimized battery charging

Are you one of those people who charge their phones overnight? This is very damaging to the phone’s battery. With the iOS 13 update, it won’t be a problem anymore. The phone will minimize the charging to and become static at 80%, only continuing to charge a set time before the alarm goes off.

Are you excited for this new update? Let us know in the comments below. There may be even more features that are revealed at launch so stay tuned for more.