How Fuel Up can solve your fuel needs forever

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July 3, 2015
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If you have been living in Pakistan for the past decade, you will know full well about the sensitivity of Fuel in the country. Prices have been known to go off the charts, CNG is rarely available and you can never find a petrol station when you need one. If you have ever been victim to one of the above, then perhaps it’s time you became a smarter car user with the help of Fuel Up.

RCube Software has designed an app to deal with such issues in a practical and efficient manner. ‘FuelUp’ is a newly launched app which deals with most of the issues faced by vehicle owners in Pakistan. Constantly updated with real-time information, it informs its users of any price change in fuel, whether it be Petrol, CNG, Diesel or Kerosene Oil. All information is up to date and saves its users time, money and hassle.

This application is available for every city of Pakistan and another remarkable feature that is being praised by its users is that in case there is an urgent requirement for fuel, it looks for any nearby fuel stations and even allows a search radius in Kilometers.

A special feature that has delighted CNG users is that it constantly updates which stations are selling CNG and where. For those people who go from station to station, wasting their gas in an effort to find someplace which sells CNG, ‘FuelUp’ has never made their life easier than it is now.

The application is easy to use and understand and involves a simple sign up with no confidential data required. Of course to use ‘FuelUp’, you will need a GPS, an active internet connection, along with an Android device. The application is yet in its early stages and has already started garnering favorable reviews from its users who find the convenience this application offers a relief.

You can download the app from here.

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