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How To Legally Use Non-PTA Approved Phones In Pakistan

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PTA phones

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority thanks that Pakistani people are the richest people to ever walk on the face of the earth, that is the only explanation why they keep increasing taxes on phones in Pakistan. Too with the increasing price of mobile phones due to inflation and import taxes. The current PTA tax is almost the price of the actual device itself.

So PTA is not decreasing any taxes, in fact, they recently announced iPhone 13 payable taxes in Pakistan. Check out this article to know the payable PTA taxes for iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 all variants payable taxes in Pakistan.

We have some methods with which you can use your non-PTA-approved phone just like your normal phone. Beware that we will not share any illegal methods and the best method is to actually pay the tax and use your phones if you can afford it but if not, you can use the following method;

For Android Users

S-Com Sim

S-Com is a northern Pakistani telecom network that supports 4G networking all over Pakistan. Due to reasons unknown to us, the S-Com sim does work in all Non-PTA approved phones all over Pakistan. Maybe PTA was too busy collecting taxes that they forgot about S-Com or maybe something else but the S-Com sim will work just fine in all non-PTA approved phones all over Pakistan.

The problem associated with that is, that you would have to change your number and if you are using the same number for some time, you would have a hard time switching your mobile number. The next problem is the sim is only sold in the northern areas of Pakistan so you would have to buy it online on sites like OLX etc which you would have to pay some extra thousand rupees.

Jazz Digit Phone

If you don’t want to change your number or can’t find an S-Com sim, then you should buy a Jazz Digit 4G phone. These phones have some amazing features and only cost around 4-5k rupees. These phones have a fast hotspot and good battery life so you can use all internet apps, like, Watsapp, Facebook, etc, on your main phone(non-PTA approved) and use Digit 4G for phone calls and messaging.

For iPhone Users.

IKOS Device

PTA phones

These devices were launched when there were no dual-sim mobiles but now they are not so popular as most phones have dual sims, but luckily for Pakistanis, these devices are still available in online stores. If you buy one of these devices and PTA-approved them instead of an iPhone, it costs way less. The PTA tax for an IKOS device is around 17-18K rupees, which is obviously less than the latest iPhone. So you can approve an IKOS device put your sim in it, connect it with your iPhone and it would work just fine on non-PTA phones.

Cheap Secondary iPhone

There is a very useful feature in all Apple devices that you can use your sim card at the same time on all phones which have the same Apple ID logged in. If you enable the option of “allow calls on the other devices” then your call will directly ring on your main phones you don’t even have to look at your secondary phone like in the case of Digit 4G. The cost of an old iPhone, let’s say iPhone 6 is around 30-40k(PTA approved) which is still far less than the PTA tax and you will not even feel like you are using a non-PTA phone.

PTA phones

You also don’t have to turn on your hotspot on your secondary iPhone, the inter-device connectivity is so robust that whenever your new iPhone would need internet, it would automatically use the internet from your secondary device.

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