Huawei has shipped over 1 million devices running its HongMeng OS

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With pressure mounting on Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei as it faces various bans from top US companies, the tech giant is quickly refocusing its priorities towards its own HongMeng OS. Recently Huawei announced that all devices which are currently running Android previously will not be affected by Google’s ban towards Android licensed distributions and the company itself will be rolling out periodic security and feature updates for all its devices whereas on the sidelines it is also working on a first-party OS.

A report by Rosenblatt Securities indicates Huawei has managed to ship around 1 million smartphones running the HongMeng OS which is intended to decrease the company’s dependence on Android. It is not clear however whether these are actually commercial products or development products but 1 million is certainly a staggering figure considering that the OS has been in works since 2012.

The report also further details that the OS is compatible with all existing Android apps plus offers enhanced security features to protect personal data. The OS will be available this fall according to Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu and as per reports, it will be able to run on smartphones, computers, tablets, TVs, cars and wearables which fairly much covers all segments of the tech consumer base.

Do you think Huawei will be able to come back from losing Android as its primary smartphone OS? Will HongMeng be a capable successor for Android?

Source: China Daily

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