[Images] Times Square looks stunning as Samsung shows off the infinity display on S8

By Muneeb Ahmad on
March 30, 2017
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Samsung, the electronics giant based out of South Korea, is pretty much under limelight in regards to Samsung Galaxy S8 which it unveiled yesterday. Samsung made sure that it further steals the people’s attention for all the good reasons.

In order to boast about the infinity display Samsung has launched with the Samsung Galaxy S8, it took the space on the famous NYC Times Square making New Yorkers actually see the Infinity Display up above. The advertisements took the total place and stayed there for the time Samsung held the unveiling. Thousand of onlookers stopped by to get a gaze at what was going on.

Samsung was pretty much excited over the happening so much so that it even boasted the event on it on its website. The feat was mainly targeted at marketing purposes and for ‘spreading the word’. The giant said through a public release, “Start spreading the news: The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have finally arrived. To celebrate its latest flagship’s big debut, on March 29, Samsung illuminated New York City’s Times Square with immersive displays reflective of the powerful visual experiences the device’s Infinity Display provides.”

Here are some good pictures direct from the venue as a delight that will lighten your mood.

The launch filmed from above was being shown on the central display. Dancers can be seen finishing their performance, forming shape of unique bezels around Samsung Galaxy S8.


People look around to only find Samsung Galaxy S8 displays.

Samsung ran different high definition videos on the displays to bluster about what it had in store for the buyers wondering to buy the latest flagship.


The Times New Square seen shining with sparkling blue colors as Samsung tries to captivate the audience.


As some people joined in and dance with the videos being played, while others simply stopped to have a look.


Samsung has finally unveiled Samsung Galaxy S8, the latest and most premium offering from its smartphone section. There have been a barrage of leaks and rumors about the smartphone, until yesterday when Samsung finally uncovered the smartphone. The standard version of smartphone is going on sale from April 21st for a starting price of $720 (approximately PKR 75k), while the upsized S8+ will be sold for about $840 (approximately PKR 88k).

via Samsung

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