Impact SEPLAA has created an impact!

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Good going iCx SEPLAA Foundation

SEPLAA (Seeds of Education, Policy & Legal Awareness Association) Foundation is known to have initiated a project in 2011 by the name of Impact SEPLAA. It is a social change think tank development initiative by SEPLAA Foundation with a mission to highlight social issues which are holding Pakistan from further progress. It serves as a source for young people to enlighten and work on creative and innovative ideas. Now the initiative has taken the second and more bold step Of giving these ideas a direction. Recently the SEPLAA Foundation has launched step 2: the Impact Change Xcelerator (iCx) which is an Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs with the specific aim of peacebuilding through basic IT and youth mobilization.

CEO’s Vision

For every project to be a success story it is imperative that the person behind it is a visionary. In case of iCx SEPLAA Foundation the person is the Founder and CEO of the SEPLAA Foundation, Miss Ammara Farooq Malik. Not just the vision but significant effort on her part to conduct seminars and create awareness and buzz about this initiative by going to various universities/institutes thereby promoting a culture of social entrepreneurship is a great step.

For making it achieve towering heights, iCx was created with inception research support  in Peacebuilding from the Centre of Global Affairs, New York University (CGA-NYU). Apart from iCx, SEPLAA Foundation has been working on various other projects with CGA-NYU since 2011. With a vision in mind and a mission at hand Miss Ammara has given a hope to Pakistani people in general and a sound platform to its youth in particular. This can contribute in building peace in the region as the work is anticipated to pick pace not only in Lahore but also in Bahawalpur, Southern Punjab and make Pakistan reach its potential by promoting the concept of social entrepreneurship in coming years.

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