Indian Influencers Started Making Money By Making Content On Twitter

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Indian Twitter users are experiencing a wave of celebration as they reap the rewards of Elon Musk’s innovative initiative, receiving substantial ad revenue payouts of up to Rs 3 lakh by embracing the X Premium membership. This groundbreaking program requires content creators to possess an X Blue subscription, amass a minimum of 15 million impressions on their posts within the past three months, and gather a base of at least 500 followers.

The X Premium membership, formerly known as Twitter Blue, priced at Rs 900 per month, has proven to be a lucrative choice for select users. Notable Indian accounts such as Gabbar Singh have confirmed receiving sizable payouts, demonstrating the success of this ad revenue sharing endeavor spearheaded by Elon Musk and introduced by Twitter in July. This golden opportunity is open to X Premium subscribers on a global scale.

Several Twitter accounts, including the likes of Gabbar Singh and Being Humor, have proudly shared screenshots of SMS notifications from their respective banks, bearing witness to the funds received from Musk’s brainchild. The evidence indicates substantial payouts, with Singh’s screenshot showcasing a Rs 2 lakh payout from Twitter, and Being Humor boasting an impressive Rs 3.5 lakh reward from X.

To partake in the financial benefits of X, creators must embark on a three-fold journey. First and foremost, acquiring an X Blue subscription serves as the initiation. Subsequently, amassing a minimum of 15 million impressions on their posts over the preceding three months, coupled with cultivating a devoted following of at least 500 individuals, become the critical milestones.

But how does one capitalize on the X opportunity? Subscriptions serve as the gateway to financial success on Twitter, enabling creators to earn a recurring income based on their content. This novel system entails followers paying to gain access to exclusive content and personalized interactions. Notably, when followers engage with creators, a distinctive badge identifies them, enhancing the interaction experience.

Joining the creators program necessitates satisfying the prerequisites of 15 million impressions on recent posts and maintaining a minimum follower count of 500. Once chosen for the Subscriptions program, creators are empowered to offer premium content to their paid followers, fostering a deeper connection. This endeavor can potentially lead to financial gains, as Twitter may also contribute a portion of the funds paid by followers.

The company strives to streamline the process for eligible X Blue and Verified Organisations subscribers. Upon meeting the necessary criteria and enrolling in the program, creators can anticipate payouts once their earnings exceed $50. The precise methodology employed by X to calculate payout values remains undisclosed in the support document, preserving an element of intrigue surrounding this innovative revenue-sharing model.

The introduction of the Twitter Premium subscription, under the visionary leadership of Elon Musk, has brought forth a series of notable advantages and some potential drawbacks. On the positive side, this subscription model has revolutionized the way content creators monetize their online presence. With the ability to offer exclusive content and direct interactions, creators now have a direct avenue to establish a sustainable income stream. This empowers them to further invest in their craft and engage with their most dedicated followers in meaningful ways. Additionally, the Twitter Premium subscription model fosters a stronger sense of community, as paid followers are granted access to a more personalized and immersive experience, creating a win-win situation for both creators and their audience.

Moreover, the program’s merit extends to users as well. By subscribing to the Premium membership, avid Twitter enthusiasts gain access to premium content and interactions that were previously inaccessible. This elevated level of engagement enhances the overall user experience, making it a compelling proposition for those seeking a more enriched and interactive online presence.

However, the Twitter Premium subscription model is not without its potential downsides. Critics argue that it might create a digital divide, where premium content becomes exclusive to those who can afford it, potentially sidelining users with limited financial means. This could lead to a fragmented user base and reduce the accessibility of valuable information and engaging content.

Turning our attention to Elon Musk’s initiative of paying Twitter influencers, there are both commendable aspects and potential concerns to consider. One of the most significant advantages is that it validates the role of content creators as legitimate contributors to the online ecosystem. By compensating influencers for their efforts and influence, this initiative acknowledges the value they bring to the platform and encourages a culture of content creation.

Furthermore, Musk’s initiative injects an element of fairness into the equation. Previously, many content creators struggled to monetize their work, despite the substantial influence and engagement they generated. Musk’s intervention levels the playing field, allowing these creators to earn a deserved income for their contributions. This recognition could motivate even more individuals to embark on content creation, enriching the platform with diverse perspectives and engaging content.

However, there are potential drawbacks to this initiative as well. Critics might argue that paying influencers could compromise the authenticity and genuine nature of their content. When monetary incentives are involved, there’s a risk that influencers may prioritize profit over authenticity, leading to a decline in the quality and sincerity of their contributions. Striking the right balance between financial rewards and maintaining the integrity of content creation becomes a critical challenge.

Written by Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman
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