Indian Man Moves To Pakistan To Marry Love Of His Life He Met On Facebook

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Love knows no borders, nationalities, or limits! While couples in love tend to go to extreme lengths for their union, only a handful of them actually do something marvelous. In a recent surprising turn of events, an Indian man, Mahendra Kumar, crossed boundaries all the way to Pakistan to meet his sweetheart, Sanjuguta Kumari, and marry her. 

That Indian man expressed his love, and to his delight, Sanjugata reciprocated.

“We named our wedding slogan ‘Samaa’ as we believe in bringing people together, regardless of their religion, caste, or nationality,” 

The wedding ceremony was a vibrant affair, with the groom and bride dancing to the beats of Sindhi songs. While the Asian neighbors may have animosity, the couple found love across borders and decided to unite. 

Mahendra Kumar, who hails from Bombay, met his now wife, Sanjuguta Kumari, on social media and eventually decided to tie the knot. Kumar’s family came to Pakistan, and the couple got married in Sukkur in a beautiful ceremony, attended by the couple’s relatives and people from the Hindu community.

The bride will leave for her new home after the completion of legal documents. Surprisingly, the duo’s families decided on all the rituals and functions on WhatsApp. 

Aishwarya Lal Makeja of the Mukhi Hindu Panjaat Sukkur, who attended the wedding function, stated that love has no borders and wished the couple a happy life ahead.

However, Kumar and Kumari aren’t the first couple to marry with the bride and groom hailing from Pakistan and India. Sports duo, Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and Indian tennis player Sania Mirza, are also one of the couple from the neighboring countries.  

The legal formalities for the marriage are anticipated to be completed soon after which they will leave for India. It would not be wrong to say that this cross-border wedding serves as a reminder that love surpasses boundaries and can unite people despite their contrasts. 

The heartwarming story inspires many who believe in the power of love and hope for peace between nations. The fact is that people can come together despite political tensions and build a future of love and conformity. We wish the newlywed cross-border couple a happy life together.

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