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Indian YouTubers planning to block their content in Pakistan is the most absurd move ever

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan ·  1 min read >

As tensions between Pakistan and India escalate, Indian YouTubers are now stepping into the game with plans to geo-block their content in Pakistan. It all started when T-Series first took all Pakistan singers’ songs off its YouTube channel in protest of the Pulwama attack. This itself is an absurd move since they are only forcing us to move to another platform, which people, in this case, have opted for Patari instead of T-Series.

Let’s first see how came up with the idea of blocking video content in Pakistan:

Technically because Gaurav has a major Indian audience, that poll was ultimately forced to go in that direction. However, if one just stops and analyzes the repercussions of this move, you would realize that this move would neither benefit us or them in any single way.

Almost 22% of Pakistan’s population has access to the internet and given the rate our IT exports are growing, our general population is becoming tech-savvy day by day. If we were to do the same for all Indian content creators, say unsubscribe from their channels and social media handles, they would ultimately be on the losing end since they will lose a significant fan following. In any logical terms, it doesn’t make any sense to even think of blocking content for Pakistan.

For the sake of argument tho, let’s say some other channel tries to remove or block us from their content on YouTube, we have a lot of alternatives still present. Like Patari below:

So basically to say it in simple terms, it is essentially the loss of the content creator who tries to pull off a such a stupid move. If I were to recommend some very good alternatives to TechnicalGuruJi, we have The Verge, Digital Trends or our very own XEETECHCARE who has over a million followers on YouTube and many many others. So if someone tries to block us, we would simply move to another million and possibly better alternatives.

What’s your take on this move by Indian YouTubers?

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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