#IndiaVsPakistan hashtag crosses 90,000 tweets rivaling Father’s Day popularity on Twitter

By Shaheryar Ehsan on
June 16, 2019
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India vs Pakistan is a rivalry unmatched. Foreigners may talk about the Ashes but when it comes to the playing field, the passion on both side in this subcontinent is through the roof. Both teams are battling out in England at the time of writing whereas Twitter has exploded with tweets about predictions and possible outcomes of the match.

Right now, the top trends on Twitter worldwide are:

  1. #IndiaVsPakistan – 94K Tweets
  2. #INDvsPAK – 47.2K Tweets
  3. #FathersDay – 146K Tweets

As of right now, Pakistan is at number 9th position with a total of 3 points and overall 4 matches played. Our side lost against West Indies, pulled back and won against England whereas the draw against Sri Lanka went into a tie due to rain and our last match was against Australia which we lost by 41 runs. India, on the other hand, has played 3 matches so far and have won 2 of them whereas one ended in a draw. Almost 1 billion people will be watching the Pakistan vs India match all over the world.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has also commented that in order to win the match, our captain Sarfaraz will have to be at his daring best.

A few days back, tickets for this match were being sold online for as much as Rs. 80K. What are your predictions about this match?

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