Indus Valley Capital introduces Wapistani program for expats at #021Disrupt2020

Written by Talha Ikram ·  58 sec read >

#021Disrupt2020 has been buzzing since Monday with showcases of the hidden talent of the Pakistani community and it has come with some exciting news as well. The biggest of which, for you, could be that Indus Valley Capital’s founder and managing partner, Aatif Awan, announced that his company has launched Wapistani.

Wapistani is a program for Pakistani expatriates that are moving back to or planning to move back to Pakistan in the next 6 months. They will link you to different startups that are looking for experienced professionals and guide you to your next career decision. The program will also help you make important life choices from a good place to live, a good school to send your kids to, and medical care as well. They are also going to create a community of people that are moving back to Pakistan so you can find a common ground together. Career advice, life advice, and community linkages; what more reason could you need to come back to Pakistan?

It doesn’t matter why you are coming back because Indus Valley Capital wants Pakistani experts working for Pakistan. They want to help Pakistan scale in terms of tech especially with new startups that leverage technology to solve problems and create products. The number one thing a startup needs to flourish is some experience and if that experience is sitting in the UK for example, Pakistan will indirectly be suffering.

All you have to do is sign up here and the team will get back to you telling you how they can help.

Image Source: The Nest I/O