The Instagram verification badges are being sold on the deep web

By Muneeb Ahmad on
September 11, 2017
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The verification badges for Instagram profiles can actually be bought on the black market, a new report from a reputable news outlet has reported.

Quite recently a news is surfacing that the verification badges on the famous photo-sharing application are being traded online for thousands of dollars. The individuals who have the ability to add this ‘tick’ on Instagram are reportedly taking thousands of dollars to award the badge to the one paying. The news which originally was done by Mashable has been covered by The Independent too.

Although there is no exact amount which is charged for awarding the badge. The sources working at Instagram might take amounts ranging from “the cost of a bottle of wine to $15,000” to award the badge, which overtime has become a sign of prominence. While some may ask you to cover their house utility bills in exchange for verifying one or two accounts, a month. A middleman who goes by the name James has been quoted saying, “I’ve sold verifications anywhere from $1,500 to $7,000.”

The Facebook-owned company reportedly knows about this under the table business and fires the executive who is found involved. It is, however, experiencing some issues curbing the practice completely. The complete buying chain normally consists of three individuals, the Instagram user, a middleman and the Instagram employee who has the authority to place the tick.

The verification badge in Instagram is not as simple to obtain as compared to the other social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter where everyone can apply for it. And, as the marketeers and brands are now moving to this platform of this badge is also on the rise.

Image — IBTimes

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