iOS 11 is coming: Everything you need to know & how to download it!

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Apple fans rejoice because the all-new iOS 11 is coming!

September is here and if you’re an Apple fanatic then you will very well know that this is the month that all precious Apple flagships are unveiled to the public. This year around the event is expected to take place on September 12th with the much anticipated iPhone 8 to be released there. And if Apple keeps up with its past practices then we can expect the all new iOS 11 to be announced there as well.

Release Date

Expect the iOS 11 to roll out to all iPhone devices in the week following Apple’s September 12 flagship event. Till then you can download its beta version if you want, and fiddle around with it. But since beta versions tend to be slightly unstable we’ve gathered for you all the interesting features to expected from the actual release.

Most Exciting Features

iOS is simply an operating system but Apple freaks tend to geek out over its most minute of details. This time around as well, we can expect quite a good response from users because the iOS 11 will reportedly have some very interesting features. CNET compiled a list of the entire features that will come with the new iOS 11.

  • Apple is upgrading the voice of Siri to make it sound more natural and Siri will also get smarter, as we all need to with time.
  • Managing files on your mobile can be a mess and iOS 11 is tackling this problem by introducing an all-new dedicated file management system.

  • We all know how annoying in-built apps can be that hog your memory space. With iOS 11 you’ll be able to clear unused apps and download apps you’ll actually use.
  • A redesigned control center will allow you to manage apps more easily. Aside from the usual features like Alarm, Camera etc, you can customize the control center to fit to your needs and choose from 18 other controls.
  • A better screenshot editing tool and a new feature that will let your record the screen activity.
  • A new tool will allow you to drag and drop from app to app and also open multiple apps simultaneously on the screen.
  • The Apple Notes apps will get better with brilliant new features like text editing, document scanning, inserting tables, and gesture control.
  • The dark screen mode can be an absolute dream come true during night time usage. A newly introduced ‘dark mode’ will also be hidden somewhere. To turn it on go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Display Accommodations → Invert Colors and turn on Smart Invert.
  • The new ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature will allow your phone to send automated replies to calls or texts when you’re driving.
  • Apple Pay will introduce peer-to-peer payment system. This feature is rather interesting as WhatsApp is also testing its payment system currently.

How To Download iOS 11

If you’re looking to download iOS 11, you’ll have to wait two more weeks because that is when it will officially start rolling out to Apple devices. However, you can install the beta version by signing up here. Or get and exclusive preview here.

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