iOS 11 is now installed on 55% devices

Written by Uzair Khalid ·  57 sec read >

It’s been a month since the launch of iOS 11. Although the new operating system has a lot of bugs and users are reporting that their phones are lagging for no reason.

Despite all these problems, iOS 11 still continues to grow. It is now installed on 55% devices in just a month. The phone was installed on 47% devices just a week ago and it overtook iOS 10 in 3 weeks after its launch. The gap between the two OS has increased further. As the iOS 11 is now installed on 55% devices, it leaves iOS with just 39% market share.

The progress is a bit slower this year as iOS 10 was adopted at a faster pace when compared to the iOS 11 adoption. The reason behind that could be the software problems iOS 11 is causing. Some users reported severe issues with iOS 11 like the screen stops responding in some cases, the phone starts to lag (yes, the bugs are so severe that even iOS is lagging ), and there are some serious issues with battery life as well where the batteries suddenly drop by several percentages.

A number of people stormed Twitter after their phones started causing problems on iOS 11, here is one of them.

However, all of these problems are not effecting on the growth of iOS. Apple is also planning to release the iOS 11.1 soon and hopefully, it will remove these bugs. The new iOS will come with 69 new emojis as well. Meanwhile, you can check the updated iPhone 8 and 8 plus price and iPhone X price in Pakistan.

Written by Uzair Khalid
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