iPhone 5G coming in 2020

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June 18, 2019
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The latest report by Industry’s most reputable Apple leaker, Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that the most expensive 2020 iPhone model will feature 5G, while all iPhones will have the 5G technology by 2021.

This goes in-line with the previous rumors which stated that the most expensive 2020 iPhone will have the 5G chip, however, those rumors suggested that Apple will be using Intel’s 5G modem. After the recent settlement between Qualcomm and Apple, it seems that the 2020 iPhone will have Qualcomm’s 5G chip as suggested by Ming-Chi Kuo’s report.

It’s no secret that Qualcomm has the best 5G technology for smartphones at the moment. Due to Apple’s tussle with the smartphone chipset manufacturer, iPhones often had considerably slow internet speeds compared to their Android counterparts. In a bid to solve this problem, Apple made a settlement with Qualcomm where it agreed to pay at least $4.5 Billion as part of its patent settlement.

According to Kuo’s report, Apple will begin the manufacturing of its own in-house wireless 5G chips by 2022-2023. This would perhaps help the Cupertino giant to streamline the technology in its smartphones and tablets at a relatively cheaper price tag. Considering that Apple’s current in-house A-bionic chips are the industry leaders in the smartphone processor department, it’s obvious that the company would want to extend its portfolio to 5G chips as well.

The report further confirms Kuo’s previous predictions that Apple will release three models next year. The smaller model will be even smaller, standing at 5.4 inches while the largest model will be even larger, standing at 6.7 inches. If Kuo’s prediction holds correct that the smallest and the largest iPhone will have 5G chips, while the XR model will have to wait for another year. The report also suggested that all of the iPhone models will have OLED panels by 2021.

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