iPhone 8 to launch with a whopping $999 price tag, report

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iPhone 8

Numerous media outlets are reporting that the upcoming flagship from Apple will be retailing for a whopping $999 price tag for the base 64 GB model. This is in line with our earlier predictions that Apple will consider bumping the price of the iPhone in order to compete with Samsung, whose Galaxy Note 8 is on pre-order for $960.

However, this year’s iPhone launch is rumored to be different from the usual. Normally we would see a base variant and a Plus variant. This time Apple is expected to introduce three iPhones of which two can be regarded as rebrands, they will only be slightly better versions of the iPhone 7. The third one will be the actual game changer with a full-screen display and completely revamped design. And this third one will be coming with the ginormous price tag.

The $999 rumored price is around $350 more than the usual cost of the iPhone during launch and if we are to make some quick guesses, iPhone 8 will retail for no less than Rs. 120,000 in Pakistan taking into account the retail history of Apple’s flagship phones here.

Whether this huge price tag will be a letdown for Apple’s fans, we don’t know for now. But Apple certainly has an array of new features lined up for the upcoming iPhone such as facial recognition which can unlock your phone within a millionth of a second as well as wireless charging capabilities (Welcome to the present, Apple). They are also doubling the iPhone 8’s storage up to 64/256/512 GB as per another rumor.

One can only imagine the price of the 512 GB variant. Take all this with skepticism though since none of this is official right now.

Via: The Verge, Image Credit: iPhone 8 Release Date

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