iPhone XI to arrive with 128GB base storage, report

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Apple is stepping up its game with the upcoming iPhone XI. According to a new report, the upcoming flagship from the Cupertino-based company will feature 128GB as the base storage variant and the moving upwards with 256GB and 512GB. Current models start at 64GB and then move straight up to 256GB and 512GB, leaving the 128GB bracket empty. It may be possible that Apple may skip the 256GB variant and perhaps introduce a 1TB model.

As far as we know from reports, the upcoming iPhone XI may feature a triple camera square setup at the back according to renders and cases from popular accessories manufacturers. Rest of the dimensions will remain the same with the screen size standing at 6.1 inches and the same notch design as on the current iPhones.

The report regarding the base storage comes from Sudhanshu and has been cited by many other publications as well:

It remains to be seen whether Apple will be introducing a trio of iPhones like last time or going with a duo this time around. Apple lost around 15% sales in China at the start of the year and that is one of the strongest markets when it comes to smartphone dominance. Add to that, the Chinese are taking out anger against the U.S ban of Huawei by ditching iPhones which again will adversely affect sales.

Do you think Apple can stage a comeback this time around?

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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