IT magnates get ready to meet and greet at the 7th Pakistan CIO Summit & IT Showcase

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Chief Information Officers (CIOs) from around the country (and from across the world) are due to gather at the 7th Pakistan CIO Summit and IT Showcase. The Pakistan CIO Summit, over the 6 years of its lifespan has established itself as an indisputable leader in the series of networking events held throughout the country.

Due to be held on the 26th of March in Marriot Hotel, Karachi, the Pakistan CIO Summit has established an unparalleled reputation of being the only platform where a large number of CIOs, departmental IT Heads, and other IT Professionals get together each year to discuss matters of mutual interests.

In addition to the Summit, an IT Showcase/Expo is being organized as well. Considering the stature of the personnel attending the Summit, the IT Showcase provides an amicable opportunity to IT Firms to exhibit their products and services in front of their (potential) target audience.

The Pakistan CIO Summit, along with being a platform for networking can also be dubbed a center for learning. Summits like these deserve enormous credit for their efforts to connect professionals in a bid to boom the overall industry.

This year’s theme of the Pakistan CIO Summit is “Digital Transformation – Stay Ahead”. In today’s world of technology, all organizations look up to their CIOs to make digital transformation a reality within their businesses, as Digital Transformation is now thought of as a necessity instead of an option.

Digital Technology has changed the way business is conducted; be it the elements of supply chain, human resource, marketing, sales or customer engagement, this technology disruption has pressurized CIOs into accepting new challenges.

The Summit will be fragmented into an inaugural session along with two technical sessions. The first technical session will focus on “Digital Transformation – Getting Strategic”, which is a true challenge for all the CIOs as they will be tasked with transforming varied components, technologies, processes, people, goals, and integrations.

CIOs need to think strategically to reap any real benefit of all the effort that goes in. In the panel discussion of Technical Session 1, top CIOs of the country will talk about guidelines on how to get strategic before one plans digital transformation within the organization. The main theme of discussion in the second technical session will be “Cyber Security and Digital Transformation”. As we progress through landmark evolution in the vast realm of technology, which is changing the way business is done globally, cybersecurity threats continue to hamper business operations around the world.

The CIOs and their teams need to continuously be on the lookout for reliable solutions to safeguard their systems and guarantee business as per norms in this era of Digital Transformation. In this session, the threats and solutions of Cyber Security in the age of Digital Transformation will be discussed. CIOs and IT Heads will discuss how to stay ahead and counter the challenges of cybersecurity before they occur.

The core aims of the Pakistan CIO summit and the allied exhibition is to present solutions for tomorrow, to bring on latest technologies under the spotlight and to evaluate how they can play a role in making Pakistan an IT Hub in the region.

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Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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