JazzCash and Payoneer join hands to offer convenient funds handling solution to Pakistani freelancers

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The freelance industry is growing at a very fast rate in Pakistan, in fact, a few years ago very few people had information about this field whereas these days every other person is looking forward to pursuing this field. According to a report published by Payoneer, Pakistan is ranked at 4th position from the perspective of freelancing services.

Even though Pakistan is way ahead in its freelancing game, there is a very strong issue that is bumping the way of the freelancers for a long time. Receiving the payment is a great hassle as the mediums with which money is usually transferred to the freelance workers are not viable in Pakistan.

JazzCash has partnered up with Payoneer to provide relief to the local freelancers to receive and transact their money.

What is the process of syncing Payoneer with JazzCash?


Follow these simple steps to transact your money:

  • Download the app for JazzCash from the mobile store.
  • For initiating the process, register the number with your account on the app.
  • Once the registration is finished and you have successfully set up your MPIN.
  • Click the logo of Payoneer on the dashboard of the app.
  • Link your already signed up Payoneer account with the app.
  • Once the syncing is confirmed you can then log in the details on the JazzCash app.

Once the initial setup has been done, the users are then able to withdraw their money from Payoneer to JazzCash and onwards into your personal bank in less than an hour. Jazz also offers to transfer the money into any bank account instantly. If you want to go for the JazzCash Debit card, you are then required to pay PKR 599 as a debit fee.

Key Benefits:

  • Users can withdraw as little as $1 from their account
  • Amazing exchange rates provided by the service
  • Instant and real-time funds transfer unlike conventional bank systems of Pakistan that take 2 to 3 days
  • Funds can be withdrawn by over 8500K JazzCash agents all over the country
  • Utility bills, mobile top-ups, and money transfer can be done easily using JazzCash


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