Karachi University to initiate mobile-based learning in its business school

Written by Faisal Saeed ·  1 min read >

To increase the academic performance of its business students, the University of Karachi has asked its business school to implement mobile-based learning in the classrooms.

Chairman Karachi University Business Schools (KUBS), Dr. Muhammad Asim and his student Salman Manzoor jointly conducted a research study, which showed that mobile-based learning in classrooms has the potential to increase the overall performance of the students.

The study was conducted to find out the benefits of mobile learning in classrooms, and the researchers have found that the scores obtained by the students in their mid-term and final-term were different. The result of the final term exams was better as compared to midterm exams because in the final term the students were given training with the application of Google Classroom. It shows how technology improves the learning skills of the students.

The KUBS officials said, “The existence of mobile technology has increased the teaching and learning opportunities, despite its long history; nevertheless, still learning is undeveloped and is in the phase of development in Pakistan. In the early years of mobile learning, it mainly focused on technology but recently there are many different mobile learning perspectives and each of it focuses on features like mobility, ubiquitous and individualism.”

They further added that the Pakistani students these days are using mobile devices for different purposes, but the study only focused on the adoption of this technology for learning within the business classrooms. Also that the aim of the experiment, was to find out the impact of technology on the students.

The advancements in mobile technology have increased productivity in various fields including economy, banking, library, tourism, entertainment, and education. It is important that Pakistan should pay attention to the use of technology in the educational field.