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Kaymu Now Allows Sellers to Use Facebook for Increasing Sales

Arslan Ali Written by Arslan Ali · 46 sec read>

Kaymu as an online platform combines sellers and buyers experience together. Kaymu has come up with a a strategy to broaden the seller’s market by opening up a Kaymu Facebook shop.

It is an application which opens up on the customer’s timeline – thence allowing a direct access to customer. Now, while having Kaymu as their business domain, the sellers can register to the same application and showcase their products.

This way, the sellers can have the customers come on board to their products and offerings within a singly click – rather than promoting the latter on their own.

Kaymu works as an awesome platform as it has over 15,000 sellers. Around 300 sellers have already set themselves on this feature, and this has happened within the first week of the launch.

Adam Dawood, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Kaymu.pk, has stated:

“We value Kaymu sellers very highly and strive towards enabling them to capitalize on opportunities such as these to expand their business and grow their customer base. This is why we are enabling them to also utilize Facebook to promote their products and consequently increase their sales.We believe this is another step in the evolution of e-commerce as we will now be connecting and empowering buyers and sellers via a significantly popular and widely accepted medium.”