Lahore Grammar School Johar Town campus conquers PsiFi X

By Shehryar Ahmed on
January 17, 2019
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After 4 days of intense competitions and tests of participants’ knowledge, the Lahore Grammar School Johar Town campus came out on top at PsiFi X.

PsiFi is the flagship event of LUMS Society for Promotion and Development of Engineering and Sciences (SPADES) and as evident by the “X” after PsiFi, this was the 10th annual edition of the event. It is the biggest Science Olympiad in the country and is organized on an annual basis by SPADES. The event was host to a great series of competitions and social events, which was evident by the high spirits of the participants even on the last day of the event.

Before we list down the names of the winning teams of the competitions, let’s talk about the closing ceremony. While the Ceremony was originally scheduled to be held in the LUMS Free Parking Area, the clouds decided to put the host team’s patience to the test and it started to rain. This forced the team to relocate the ceremony inside an auditorium and the entire shifting was executed in a short time period of 3 hours, which is very commendable.

The host team didn’t have the sole challenge of dealing with the shifting of the venue. Intimating the participants about the change in venue turned out to be a challenge too and within a short time period, the entire hall was filled with people scattered here and there. Participants eventually took seats along with their respective school/college delegations.

The sudden change in the venue took no toll on the participants’ excitement, who were, in fact, waiting eagerly for the ceremony to start and for the winners’ names to be announced. To complement the participants’ excitement, the host team quickly finalized the auditorium’s decoration and started the closing ceremony well before expectations.

The overall winners of PsiFi was LGS JT while the runner-ups were the delegations from the Karachi Grammar School. So, without any further ado, here are the names of all the winners of PsiFi X:

Diagnostic Dilemma

Winner: LGS 55 Main branch
Runner up: KGS


Winner: LGS JT
Runner up: LGS JT

Zero gravity

Winner: KGS
Runner up: KGS

Math gauge

Winner: LGS JT
Runner up: KGS

Race to Infinity

Winner: Cedar College
Runner up: Cedar College

Gear up

Runner up 282 alpha college
Winner: Beaconhouse College Campus Defence, Karachi campus

Tech Wars

Winner: LGS JT
Runner up: Cedar College

Science Crime Busters

Winner: Beaconhouse Palm Tree Campus, Gujranwala
Runner up: LGS Defence, Lahore


Winner: KGS
Runner up: Generation School

Rube Goldberg Machine

Winner: Beaconhouse College Campus
Runner up: LGS JT

Geek Wars

Winners: LGS JT
Runners up: LGS JT

Tour de Mind

Winner: Generations School
Runner up: LGS JT


Winner: Nulloc Technology (Private team)

  • KGS
  • KGS
  • LGS JT
  • LGS JT

So, these are the teams that won. The winners and runner-ups were awarded with shields to commemorate their performance and to serve as a memorial of the event.

We would like to congratulate all the winners and send a buck up call to everyone who didn’t manage an award. With this, TechJuice signs off as the Official Media Partner of PsiFi X.

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