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Leading tech companies wealthier than most countries, research reveals

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Research from MacKeeper suggests that some of the world’s biggest tech companies control a hefty portion of the world’s economy. Analysis of the current valuation of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and others, and its comparison to the GDP of different countries on a map, reveals some interesting results.

For instance, Apple, one of the tech giants that has been nearly unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic, is richer than 96% of the world, with a valuation of $2.2 trillion. Only seven countries currently outrank the maker of the iPhone financially. The report suggests that, given Apple’s current growth trajectory, it could one day overtake the USA’s $21 trillion to become the world’s wealthiest entity.

Microsoft‘s significantly lesser valuation of $1.8 trillion still is enough money to put it on a par with all of Canada. Overall, only nine countries are worth more money than the developer of Windows.

Whilst Facebook does not cut it, when it comes to the companies with the highest value, a market cap of $763 billion still makes it a huge global player on the world stage. Facebook is wealthier than Switzerland, Sweden, and the UAE combined and would rank as the 26th wealthiest country in the world.

Despite providing a service that we all likely use nearly every day, Amazon is valued at “only” $1.6 trillion. This means that the company makes more money than 92% of the world. MacKeeper went a little further and revealed that Amazon makes $351,531 per employee annually, which is more than the world’s highest GDP per capita.

Source: Mackeeper

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