LiftLink: A Car Pooling Service App To Reduce Number Of Accidents,A Safe Ride App

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  • A team of young girls from grades 8 and 9 of ‘Fajr Academy has created a carpooling app for the biggest ‘International Tech Competition.’ 
  • The app the young talent girls created secured a place in the semi-finals.
  • The competition was with several developed countries, including the USA, Canada, India, France, and Spain.
  • The app developed by a team of four girls of ‘Fajr Academy’ (A school that focuses on English and Arabic Curriculum) was appreciated by judges from the USA, Spain, and France. which is indeed the biggest .][ achievement as the app is mainly designed for social benefits.

Karachi is the busiest metropolitan city in Pakistan. It is a business hub and generates good revenue from different sectors. As we know, Karachi’s infrastructure is badly destroyed, and accidents occur almost daily.

People often face traffic congestion issues during rush hour, which also leads to several accidents. It is a significant issue that needs to be sorted out early. Therefore, the government and other institutions constantly work to improve Karachi’s infrastructure. LiftLink, a cost-effective carpooling service, was introduced by the Techforce team, to reduce the number of accidents. The team devised an idea to provide citizens with secure and low-cost carpooling services so that fewer vehicles are used. As we know, public transport is still available, but it usually needs to be more safe and hygienic. Several people travel in these vehicles, even in AC buses, recently introduced by the Sindh government.

Therefore, Techforce has introduced an app, LiftLink, to address this issue by limiting each ride to a certain number of people. This will make travel easier and help users navigate this app conventionally. The project aims to reduce carbon emissions by limiting fuel consumption and saving money as petrol prices increase in our country. In addition, the team addresses SDG13, targets climate action, and SDG 11 for sustainable communities and cities.

According to the research, it has been noticed that around 45 percent of the Pakistani population uses public transport, and women feel unsafe while traveling on public transport. As we know, currently, the country is also struggling with inflation. Due to the fact around 25% of the population needs help to afford fuel costs for private vehicles. And rely on alternative sources for traveling. Through this app, LiftLink, the team wants to provide men and women equal opportunities to travel safely while saving money.

Females Point Of View On Using Public Transport 

According to a survey conducted by the team, it has been noticed that people could be happier with the current car services. As they have to pay the amount of whatever charges they ask for. Moreover, as men travel in the same buses, people feel unsafe while traveling in buses. Many people admit that they face traffic issues daily. After the survey, the company decided to add safety measures and more straightforward features for both men and women separately. 

How Does It Work?

LiftLink will use GPS to identify locations of nearby vehicles for the users; the data of car owners and carpoolers will be strictly monitored, and any suspicious person will be blocked from using the app.

To access the app, after installing it from Playstore, the user needs to sign in using their email ID. Later, they have to enter the data; if you are a car owner, you will have to enter your car details, after which you will enter the location of your ride. Once you are done, you will receive a go-ahead if your location matches the ones already available.

If you are a carpooler, you must enter your location. If your location is matched, you will receive the details of your ride. Then you will get a review form which you have to fill out.

Liftlink is the best solution to people’s problems, As it is more reliable than competitors, as many need to include safety measures. The app is also helpful as it provides separate services for users of both genders. The team also plans to incorporate more locations and services in other native languages and add more features to reduce costs. 

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