Love Fast Charging? Here’s What it’s Costing You

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Fast Charging is damaging your phone

The world is fast, and is becoming increasingly faster each second, and with it us humans demand all that’s around us to catch up with all this speed. Our devices and especially our phones, are expected to be at the pinnacle of efficiency and speed. One time saving and efficient feature that phones now have is the option of fast charging, which allows you to completely charge your phones in minutes let alone an hour.

Now who doesn’t like their phones charged under minutes? But experts have countless times warned smartphone users about the cost they pay for fast charging. Representatives from Solar Labs say that “Fast charging a battery is more than just dumping as much voltage and current as possible at it”.

This means that as soon as you plug your phone on fast charging, the battery receives an abnormal amount of voltages and current causing it to reach peak voltages and overheat. Now phone batteries hate overheating, and can lose their effectiveness and timing while facing constant heat, moreover this can also affect your phone’s performance and cause lagging.

On the other hand, standard charging provides your battery a constant and steady supply of current within safe conditions. But should we stop fast charging our phones all together? Well, no, fast charging, like other phone features has a specific purpose and like other features it should be used when needed. When fast charging your phone, we would advise you follow a simple trick known as the 80-20 charging.

80-20 Charging: A Safer Way to use Fast Charging:

Our smartphones, laptops, tablets and all other gadgets use a lithium-ion battery, which can easily be charged as fast as want, however it starts to get damaged once the current supply starts to overheat the battery. This means that fast charging your battery is safe, until you make sure that your device isn’t getting overheated; and a great way to ensure this is using the 80-20 charging technique.

The 80-20 technique advices you to only fast charge your phone around from 0% to 80%, and once your phone reaches somewhere around 80, and you feel like getting overheated, then simply switch over to normal charging and charge the rest of the 20%.

While this trick might sound like a lot of work, but doing this every time you charge your phone will ensure your battery and phone stays in perfect health.