Massive online shopping festival will go live on 28th September

By Behlol Nawaz on
September 26, 2016
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Jang media group with support from Google has announced the “Great Online Shopping Festival” (GOSF), to be held from 28th to 30th of September. During the festival, a large variety of items will have discounts for online shopping.

The online festival will feature a large number of deals on items including electronics, books, food items and restaurants, clothing, furniture and even groceries among other categories. These items will be from more than 50 partners which include a number of well-known brands, companies, online vendors, and retailers.

The website for the festival is already online. Although some of the categories (e.g books) appear to have very limited deals at the moment, there might be further additions within categories leading up to the start of the festival. They will start going live on 28th September 2016. During research for this story, I realized that moving between categories and finding a specific deal is a huge hassle. The website, although great, does not really have a user-friendly interface.

The items are organized into categories, which can be accessed from the site’s homepage and a collapsing side pane. Users can select to be notified when a specific deal is about to go live via push notifications. Once opted for, users will be notified 30 minutes before the start of the chosen deal. Throughout the duration of the festival, there will also be limited time flash deals and online raffle draws, which users can enter if they get specific codes on visiting pages of the site.

According to Geo News’ website (part of Jang group), the purpose of this festival is to encourage online shopping among current online shoppers and attract offline shoppers in adopting online shopping.

Source: GOSF

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  • Osama Imran

    I have my reservations about them pulling this off successfully. Some of the pages are not updated as yet and some of the websites on board are names that I have not even heard of. Instead of attracting people towards online shopping, they may end up pushing

  • Ahmed Khan

    GOSF does not seems to be promising as they are operating from different windows which might get backfire, and some are not trusted names. In my opinion Daraz is the best option all the way and trusted too, same the case with EasyPay. Lets see how things roll.

  • saaminoor

    There is no search box for any product on GOSF while we have to visit every partner web individually. I would say they loss a bet here, Daraz all the way.

    GOSF you irritated a customer in the process!!!

  • Dilawar Salahuddin

    GOSF web closed for quite a few times don’t know why they do not have considerable servers

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