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Meta Introduces New Tools To Assist Content Creators Make Money On Instagram

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

On Wednesday, Meta revealed that it is introducing new features on Instagram to assist content creators. The new features will help to Monetize their presence on social media platforms.

Meta has taken the initiative to support content creators in achieving their goals. However, users can support creators by purchasing their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) directly on Instagram.

As a feasibility, the company will test new features with a small group of people in the United States. Later, the company planned to expand it to more countries. Meta has always thought about the new entrants or talent, creating opportunities for users to earn through Instagram. As Meta competes for talent with TikTok and other platforms, Meta is all set to develop new features for users to generate money. It is giving an opportunity at the same time when influencers are pulling in advertising dollars to social media platforms.

Meta New Features on Instagram

Updates To Digital Collectibles

The users will have a whole toolkit from the creation, from showcasing to selling. People will support their favorite creators by purchasing digital collectibles directly from Instagram. In addition to blockchains and wallets, Meta is expanding the types of digital collectibles. A user can showcase on Instagram to include videos and add support for the Solana blockchain and Phantom wallet.

In line with the initiative, Meta announced that it expanded access to Instagram subscriptions. It will be eligible for creators in the United States to enable them to generate more income on the photo-sharing app.

Meta always cares for its users, whether it could be any social media platform. Therefore, it is also introducing gifts on Instagram. To support their favorite creators, fans can easily send gifts on Reels by purchasing stars on Instagram. Not only this, but starting with reels also, creators will have a new way to earn money from their fans.

Moreover, the company is also planning to launch a professional mode for Facebook profiles. The addition will allow creators to build a public presence while maintaining their personal Facebook page.

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