Microsoft is making Windows 10 search more like Mac

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Microsoft is testing a new interface for Windows 10 search in their next build. The search bar will float across the screen and it will be more user-friendly for keyboard users. The search bar is present in the build 17040 of Windows 10 which was released last week. The update clearly shows that Microsoft is aiming to improve Windows for keyboard-based searching.

If you are a Mac user, you must be aware of the Spotlight search interface. The new Windows search interface looks just like it and can be accessed anytime on the desktop. It can be accessed anywhere by pressing Windows+S keys. Just like the old search, when you start typing something, it will show you local results from your computer. If an app with such a name is installed, it will be given priority and then the files and folders will be shown.

The new search will also show you the results from the web. Web results will be beautifully shown on the right side of the search results. You can even search images, news and more for your search term right in the search bar on your desktop.

Microsoft is also working on a streamlined user interface for Cortana. and now it is working on a search bar which is friendly for the Keyboard users. By combining them both, Microsoft can make the Windows search even more powerful.

Windows New Search BAr

Moreover, Microsoft is also testing some new features in the next build of Windows. All of you must have been in a condition where you have opened a lot of tabs and suddenly one of the tabs starts to play audio for no reason. Microsoft is going to introduce a new feature to cater this problem. With the new feature, you’ll be able to mute that tab immediately. Google introduced muted tabs in Google Chrome more than a year ago and it should be one of the must-have features in any browser now.

“Near Share” is another feature that Microsoft is planning to build in the upcoming build. This feature will allow you to share any type of file and links to any Windows PC nearby. You’ll just need to select a file and select “send to nearby PC”. Windows will automatically find the nearby PCs and you can select it to send your files quickly. The new feature is powered by Bluetooth.


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