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Mobilink Introduces Country’s First “Mobile Trade Program”

Written by Uzair Ahmed ·  1 min read >

In the wake of long-anticipated 3G/4G licenses auction process for the country’s telcos, Mobilink has decided to step up the game with the introduction of its “Mobile Trade Program” which will provide new and existing Mobilink subscribers a chance to lay their hands on the latest 3G-enabled smartphones by turning in their old devices and paying the difference on top of the offered price.

The program is being initialized as a pilot project at Mobilink’s Service Center in Blue Area, Islamabad, as of now and the offering will be extended to other major cities of the country in near-future as well.

According to the available details, a kiosk has been set-up at Mobilink’s Blue Area service center and a promoter will evaluate the users’ old devices for their value. The devices being exchanged will be scrutinized for any damages, originality and IMEI number authentication and after a successful evaluation, user will be provided a final estimate of how much Mobilink can offer for the handset. Should the seller accept the offer, they will have the option to choose from a variety of handsets by manufacturers like Apple, Huawei, HTC and Samsung etc. Seller will pay the amount difference on top of the value of their own handset and the brand-new 3G-enabled device will be theirs.

Since it is a trade-in program, users looking to avail this offer cannot accept only the money for their handset, they must purchase a new handset in return as well, as the program’s terms and conditions explain. Cash refunds will not be offered in any case after the transaction has been finalized and official distributor warranty will be provided for all new handsets except for Apple devices as no Apple distributor currently offers an official warranty program within Pakistan.

Subscribers will get 2GB of monthly internet bundle with the new device for a total of 3 months as well.

Aamer Manzoor, Mobilink’s Head of Data, remarked on the occasion that, “[Mobilink is] the country’s largest 3G-ready network and the Phone Trade Program is in line with our strategy to improve customers’ experience by providing the latest technology and best voice and data offers.” He also added that, “I am confident that this program will equip our customers with the best devices, empower them to use future technology and encourage them to make the most out of Mobilink’s best data offers on the go.”

Written by Uzair Ahmed
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