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NASA’s recruitment posters for Mars!

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NASA, a US space agency, has just recently released a series of recruitment posters that advertise positions it may need in the future for the mission to Mars. The colorful and retro posters are featured advertisements from the space agency for teachers, farmers, surveyors, night-owls, and other occupations.

The first of these posters was commissioned n 2009 at the Kenned Space Center Visitor’s Complex. NASA is now using these posters to help people understand a ‘future in space’. However, it will take quite a long while before people are actually sent off to Mars. According to NASA’s Journey to Mars, the first step is to colonize the planet in 2015. The actual recruitment process will start much later than this. NASA does not envision people working in the colonies on Mars anytime before 2030.

Here are the posters that have been officially launched by NASA. You can download them from NASA’s website.

P08-We-Need-You-NASA-Recruitment-Poster-min P01-Explorers-Wanted-NASA-Recruitment-Poster-min P02-Work-The-Night-Shift-NASA-Recruitment-Poster-min P03-Farmers-Wanted-NASA-Recruitment-Poster-min P04-Surveyors-Wanted-NASA-Recruitment-Poster-min P05-Teach-On-Mars-NASA-Recruitment-Poster-min P06-Technicians-Wanted-NASA-Recruitment-Poster-min P07-Some-User-Assembly-Required-NASA-Recruitment-Poster-min


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