From blood boiling to dying from rapid muscles deterioration on Mars, humans at threat as Elon Musk sets his sight on colonizing the planet

Science journalist Shannon Stirone has declared the colonization of Mars as “unrealistic” and listed down the number of ways...

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Mar 5 ·>

Conspiracy theory – NASA’s data suggest Mars may have had an ancient megaflood

Data from NASA’s Curiosity Rover was analyzed by their scientists in a study revealing that there have been megafloods...

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Nov 23 ·>

NASA seems to be begging for its trip to Mars

You might have heard that NASA is the only space station that has the ability and technology to go...

Apr 27 ·>

This is how Elon Musk’s Roadster will look like on its way to Mars [Video]

Hopefully, tomorrow we will see the launch of the first spacecraft heading to Mars. There’s plenty of room for...

Feb 6 ·>

Water is easily accessible on Mars, finds NASA

Fellows, pack your bags, we have a long journey ahead. Because water is not only available but also easily...

Jan 15 ·>

This is Tesla’s sports car getting ready for a tour to Mars

You might be thinking that Elon Musk, must be kidding when he said that he will be sending his...

Dec 23 ·>

This is the huge rocket that will take Elon Musk’s Tesla to Mars next month

As we earlier reported that Elon Musk is planning to send his personal Tesla’s Roadster to Mars on SpaceX’s...

Dec 21 ·>

Elon Musk challenges CEO of Boeing for a race with Space X to Mars

When the rivalry between two big companies begin, there are always chances of value addition and innovation for their...

Dec 8 ·>

NASA presents its supersonic parachute for the Mars mission of 2020

NASA is all set to send its next bird to Mars in 2020 and the preparation for landing on...

Nov 20 ·>

Elon Musk wants to take the first human settlers to Mars by 2024

Elon Musk is nothing short of ambitious. And his most recent announcement is further proof of that. At a...

Sep 29 ·>

Dubai is spending $140 million to build a city that looks just like Mars

Let’s face it. Living on Mars would be pretty cool but it probably won’t happen in our lifetimes. So,...

Sep 29 ·>

The world’s richest woman dies at the age of 94

Liliane Bettencourt, the world’s richest woman and the heiress to the L’Oreal cosmetics brand, has died at the age...

Sep 22 ·>