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New Electric Bike And 3 Wheel Makers Are Bringing Two-Three Electric Wheel Bike In Pakistan

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Chinese and Pakistani electric vehicle makers are planning to bring two and three-wheelers in Pakistan. The collaboration will bring a massive change and help improve the local market. Not only this, but it will also help in reducing carbon emissions and promote eco-friendly transportation.

In April, the two companies signed an agreement to produce electric wheelers. A partnership was formed between the two companies, Chinese electric car manufacturer Benling Group, Chinese battery producer Dongjin Group, and Pakistani auto company Crown Group.

The partnership aims to bring electric mobility solutions to Pakistan, where the transpiration system depends on two and wheel vehicles for public transportation.

However, the main aim of the companies is to provide an eco-friendly environment and an efficient transportation system. As we know, Pakistan’s current situation is getting worse daily; therefore, it is essential to bring something that will help reduce carbon emissions, especially in densely populated areas characterized by heavy traffic and air pollution.

In an interview with China Economic Net, Dongjin Pakistan General Manager Hu Ge said, “The first batch of materials, batteries, and equipment for electric two- and three-wheeler manufacture will arrive in Pakistan next week after customs clearance.”

A two-wheel electric bike is a traditional e-bike with two wheels. It is equipped with an electric motor for pedal assistance. These are advanced electric bikes that are easy to handle and available in various designs and styles. These electric vehicles are suitable for many bikers due to their versatility.

Two-wheel electric bikes allow better handling and control, making them highly efficient and effective in changing deprecations and navigating tight corners.

Two-wheel electric bikes are considered as the speedway compared to their counterpart three-wheeler. It is due to lesser weight and friction on the road.

Two-wheel electric bikes are more convenient to store, easy to use, and take less space.

In contrast, two-wheelers require better balance, which sometimes becomes challenging for some riders. It has limited carrying capacity and limited cargo space.

On the other hand, three-wheel bikes are more compatible and provide additional stability and versatility. However, the extra wheel at the rear increases stability and balance. It has even larger baskets to carry the stuff, enabling more carrying space. They are specifically designed to facilitate people having mobility issues, physical disabilities, or those recovering from an injury.

It has a bigger turning radius than traditional e-bikes, which helps in making sharp turns or tight spaces harder to navigate. They are often heavier and bulkier, leading to transport and storage challenges.

The joint venture will help reduce carbon emissions and have a shared goal of ensuring that their EVs meet the global criteria and international quality standards. This will be achieved through the production facility in an industrial zone near Karachi.

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