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Apple Patents Video Game Like Display on Windshield

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
An AR windshield, the patented product utilizes a range of sensors such as visible light cameras, infrared cameras, and radar devices which work together to display a 3D picture of the world outside your vehicle

Apple Inc. has just submitted a new patent for an augmented reality (AR) windshield, a unique and unheard product that might just be the next big thing in the automotive industry, revolutionizing driver interaction with the road or it might just be another name in the company’s list of unutilized patents.

Well, the technology and its practicality or usability is not very explainable, but experts have compared it to Pokémon Go, which also utilizes similar technology to build a digital map over a regular one and letting users find digital characters inside.

Apple’s patented windshield works similarly, however, instead of exploring a digital map and finding fun Pokémon characters, drivers will see digital traffic, obstacles, and pothole-riddled roads, which obviously will be a digitized version of everything in front of the vehicle.

As per the patent, Apple will utilize a range of sensors, such as visible light cameras, infrared cameras, and even radar devices to construct the digitized or 3D version of the world outside your vehicle.

But considering it only creates a digital image of the road, how is it even helpful? Well, the windshield can possibly be useful in highlighting important road information such as a traffic light or even block out unimportant or distracting information such as flashy advertisements.

It can also create illusions such as a speed bump when you are driving too fast, but that can be dangerous and feel controlling, but is still however safe if executed perfectly.

Concepts of an AR windshield are definitely too ‘sci-fi’ and still feel very unsafe thus Apple’s intentions with the patent cannot be easily defined. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!


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