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New Google Drive settings prevent redistribution or plagiarization of shared content

Avatar Written by Rizwan Anwer · 34 sec read>

Google has added a new setting to Google Drive for improved security of shared sensitive information via Google drive.This advanced sharing menu will allow users limit the receivers of the file so that they cannot download, print, or copy the file.
The can help in sharing documents with peers yet feel safe knowing that the content will not be redistributed or plagiarized.

Here’s how you can enable it for your Google Drive.


Google Drive Improved Security 2



Google Drive Improved Security 3


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Google Drive Improved Security 4

Currently, the feature is available for desktop users only whereas mobile users will have to wait. This feature will be handy when exchanging documents which contain sensitive information when anyone can unjustly copy/paste or otherwise take advantage of your work. However, this may be circumvented with a screenshot or a phone camera picture.

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