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July 14, 2014
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Update: Nexus 7 Giveaway has ended, The winner is NUMAN ZAHID. The winner is requested to send us an email at inbox[at]

Hello All, We are back with another exciting giveaway. Last year, we did the contest with a Smartphone but this year we are giving away a Brand New Tablet. YES! It’s Nexus 7 (I) – 32GB Model. This month’s giveaway away is sponsored by ‘HomeShopping.Pk‘ Pakistan’s best gadget buying website. If you want to be the first one to get your hands on any latest electronic device specially smartphones, camera and laptops then Homeshopping.Pk is the place to go. In fact, was the first one to bring very much hyped and famed ‘Google Glass’ in Pakistan.

Rules are the same ‘TechJuice’s &’s employee can’t participate in the giveaway!’ 

Here is how you can participate!

Nexus 7 Giveaway

1 – Follow us on Twitter & Facebook. If you’ve already then it’s fantastic.
2 – Follow HomeShopping.Pk on Twitter & Facebook
3 – Share the post on Social Media.
4 – Subscribe us by following this link:


5- Last but not the least, Comment below, telling us: ‘Why HomeShopping.Pk should give you this tablet?’

Multiple entrees will ignored, so make sure you do it once and do it right! The entrees must be made before 13 August, 2014 – (UTC+05:00).

Please note that every step above is the prerequisite for entering the giveaway, so make sure you follow all the five steps completely and don’t accidentally miss any of it. Winner will be chosen randomly. TechJuice will announce the lucky winner on 14th of August, 2014, so do not wait, hesitate and as a result run the risk of missing out on this super awesome Tablet. The winner of the giveaway will be contacted via email, facebook or twitter to arrange the dispatch of the gift.

We wish you the very best of luck 🙂

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  • Masna Bin Umeed should give me the tablet because I would really like the flagship tablet for personal use. it could make browsing activity so much easier and I can have access to tons of tablet specific apps. I could also design tablet specific website with it and maybe develop some apps one day 🙂

  • Rehan Ahmed

    Well this would go awesomely with my Nexus 4 😀
    Plus: I am a big fan of Stock Android, and is a trusted source of online shopping for me…

  • Sharjeel George

    i’ve been planning to get a tablet for sometime and had my eyes on nexus 7.what better way than to get it from HomeShopping.Pk

  • Mehreen Omer

    I want it because my Evo Tab by PTCL sucks and Nexus 7 is a product by Google and what better company to trust!

  • Kalim Ul Haq

    I want it because I am Developer and need it for testing

  • Umar Azmat

    It would be great to have Nexus 7 for my son to use it and who better to get it from but home shopping.

    • Hassaan Ahmad Farooqi

      Pehle hi abhi tak laptops nahi mile govt ki tarar se aur mera smartphone bhi khrab ho gya… -_- so i need it and i want it!

  • Hussain Murtaza Syed

    I’m saving money for one 🙂

  • Cause I am participating in their shared giveaway secondly I shop with them..:)

  • Atta Rehman

    I want a tablet for my dad to give it to him as a gift and I believe that nexus 7 would be a perfect gift for him.

  • mubeen

    I would like to win this nexus 7 because I love it but cant buy it 🙁
    i am very happy if i win this.

  • ridwanasad

    Something really new and demanding started by Home shopping and is poineer in this category.

  • Abdullah Hammad Malik

    I need it for my personal use 😉

  • Nexus 7 brings the perfect mix of power and portability and features the world’s sharpest 7″ tablet screen and that is why I really want it, it will help me in my work, it will help me in my studies as well and because Nexus 7 is also the perfect travel companion and it is one of my favorite devices so it is best for me. I hope I’m gonna win this from @HomeShopping.Pk and thank you very much @TechJuice and @HomeSopping.Pk for giving us a chance ^_^ . Love you guys

  • Amna Tariq

    Although I am an apple fan but still, a cool tablet wont hurt, and that too from Nexus, this will be one cool collection!

  • asad nadeem

    well, I really wanted to get my hands on each and every nexus product that exists. I already have bought my nexus s and galaxy nexus from HSN. PS i am a CS student, it will help me in building applications on android.

  • Zain Ali

    I want to gift this tablet to my mom. She is a business woman and I think she needs this to better manage the job.

  • Muhammad Talha

    I was already saving it up to get one for my mother, from ofcourse. Basically, it would be easier for her to use Skype and other communication tools to contact me easily, as she gets confused with the hassle that is accompanied with a laptop. My brother and I are going overseas for stydies, i.e, why she would need to contact us. Moreover, it’s lighter than a laptop, so that she can carry it with her to places because she cannot carry a laptop due to her survical issue. So here’s hoping that and can cheer up my mother nd me 🙂

  • Waleed

    For now?
    I think I’ll donate it to IDPs 🙁
    Otherwise It’d be best to keep track of work and studies.
    #TechJuice (y)

  • Khateeb

    I need it because I will write some articles on that table for TechJuice (tips, handon, unboxing etc) 😀

  • Junaid Ur Rehman

    because i will be the winner :p

  • Ahmad Raza

    I want to have one for my son. He want to be Game developer.

  • Shahzad

    I deserve this tab as i am a member of many social sites and will surely promote HSN big time via this Tab……FTW

  • Saad Tariq

    Never tried google products. Want to enjoy google gadget 🙂

    • Really 😀

      • Saad Tariq

        nope i personally dont have any google gadget. but doston k pass dekhe zaroor hain 🙂

  • hassnainali

    i want this tablet because i want to give this tablet to my mom because she don’t have any mobile or tablet and if i win this tablet i will give it to my mom

  • Muhammad Tariq

    Almost a Year back i lost my tablet and i was heart broken since then Im not able to get one so this is a good chance to get one 🙂

  • Afsheen Ali

    I never had any free gift. Want to check if you people really give it. Also i never had tested any google product but i’m eager to check their functionality and all that

  • Mahroze Ali

    Make me believe again 😀

  • Umer Zuberi

    my wife birthday coming up if I won I will surprise her with this awesome tablet.

  • Hadi bin Masood

    I need it because its awesome ………. & being on the move it will help me stay productive

  • S.M.Khurram Quaseem

    In order to get a potential customer who loves shopping and loves to spread the word of mouth to fellows e-shoppers as well. This would be an ideal deal for them. And why I will do it for them? Because, they will allow me to experience their services.

  • Tahir

    Nexus 7 is one of my most favorite and wished device and I would be thrill to win it.

  • Mujtaba

    Well being a technology guy i have to carry my laptop all the time which is some times difficult. By having NExus tab ill have a handy gadget and can do my work where ever i am with not much of a hustle 🙂

  • Hammad Aamer

    I need it to make Skype video calls to foreign living relatives.

  • aka

    I want this for my Mom so that she can always be connected with us.

  • M.A. Subhan

    cause I’m a developer and I need one for testing my stuff 😐

  • Muhammad Junaid

    trying my luck here to get a hands on tablet experience….

  • Awais Imran

    Because as a designer / developer of software, one /should/ be platform-agnostic. :p

  • Kashif

    I am an Engineer and my most of the time spend on PC due to work, so if i win this Nexus 7 it will be very easy for me to get in touch with my clients and can email and talk right away. 🙂 and for homeshopping, of course this is the most trusted online store in Pakistan.

  • Wasif

    i need it for my kid …

  • Abdullah Sulman

    After a year and half of saving I bought a new nexus 7, but due to some fault it broke down after two months, cant be repaired now 🙁 .I became so sad. I wish I could get a new ‘working’ one :). Would be so awesome (perfect Jashn-e-azadi gift). Later i thought i should have bought from homeshopping with 1 year warranty :/

  • Syed Sarmad Shahid

    I need nexus because i am a student and i need to carry my laptop with me every time, i win the nexus it will be easy for me to keep in touch with my studies and daily tasks easily.

  • Among all the steps above this one is the hardest. How to tell HomeShopping that I want it. TBH I dont need it. But would be exciting to have such an awesome smart device. 😛

  • Junaid Rana

    Because Amir Liaquat doesn’t give away cool wilayti branded stuff at his show or I wouldn’t have been here. So, yes, techjuice.. bhai woh mujhay na tablet chahye woh Google Android wali, Nexus 7. De dain na, please?

    • FatimaRizwan

      haha 😀

  • pure1


  • Muhammad Hamid :)

    i am a medical student, an aspiring surgeon, willing to go beyond my limits to gain expertise in my field. should give me this tablet so that i may be able to cope up with changing trends in medical field.i can’t be a good doctor without having latest knowledge.This tablet will make studying multiple books, cross referencing knowledge an easy task. The mobility guaranteed by a tablet will help studying on the go, in wards, during rounds thereby significantly increasing my total study time.Last but not the least, i am a medical writer as well, writing medical articles & earning while i am studying to alleviate financial burden on my parents. This tablet will help me in my work and i will be more productive than ever.Given these reasons i am confident that Insha’ALLAH i will win this tablet form 🙂 Waiting for your mail 🙂

  • Miru

    Because I’m awesome that’s why

  • Omar Sohail

    I deserve the tablet because Aamir Liaquat only delivers Qmobile to winners and not Nexus 7 tablets

  • Aiman Saeed

    I am a student and I’m in need of tablet to do my assignments and projects/presentations etc
    I will be glad to have it 🙂


  • Armaghan

    Well I am a student and cannot afford to buy a high end laptop or a high end tablet like the iPad.This tablet will make it very easy for me to take notes and would be a great help in completing my assignments and research work and also for some light entertainment.So that’s why HomeShopping should give me 🙂

  • Najam-Us-Salam Kayani

    My 2 year old son (just turned 2 on July, 07), is very fond of poems and is really fascinated by electronic teaching techniques. He knows how to open Google Search from his mother’s Q-Mobile A-8 android phone, he knows what are his-related apps like for poems, alphabets, animal, birds, numbers/counting, etc. If I would get this, I’ll be having it for my son, and it’ll be a very good learning aid/curve for him.

    His mother, initially buy him small books to get him addicted and develop a habit of reading books, while driving, while watching TV, etc. he is accompanied by books, but for last three months, he is with his mother’s cell phone as all book stuff is there on android in form of apps.

    I am desperately looking forward for it.

  • M.Salman

    I want it, simply because I do not own one. Nothing better than owning a tablet gifted by homeshopping.PK

    P.S I am an existing customer of theirs truly satisfied with what they have to offer.

  • Nouman Anjum

    do not have any smart device de do yar.gareeb ka bhala ho jana 😀

  • SaleemLatif

    I am a passionate learner. and often feel pulled back on my study for not having an ebook reader, especially under these load shedding in the country, so having a tablet would help.

  • Shaheer Azhar

    I am a potential buyer and a regular customer of HSN. So lets c…

  • FatimaRizwan

    Good luck!

  • naeem_fahad

    I’ll do this, do that, do wonders, bla bla bla. Common it’s a tab..
    1. I’m a satisfied customer of hsn.
    2. Love this tab.
    3. Don’t have one.
    4. Nice to have one for reading different articles n research papers as I’m a doctor n have to go through different studies.
    5. Most importantly my daughter wants one.. 🙂
    Let’s c taking chance. Or wud buy one..

  • Faisal Khan

    A programmer need it more then any one :p, and i am a programmer :p

  • babrus

    Me and this tablet are made for each other.

  • turtleluva69

    I like turtles

    • Dhaivat Trivedi

      😀 😀

  • Muhmmad Ali

    Well i cant afford one so this my only chance to get one.

  • Bilal Ahmed Rogi

    I am a true gadget plus nexus lover. I will also about to buy nexus 5 and I promise you one thing for sure that if you will gifted me nexus 7, I won’t disappoint you because I just love nexus products.

  • Biba Bacha

    I want it because it has all the latest features.

    • Matti Ullah

      oyee 2 saal purani tablet hy bhai…2013 model b nahi hy ye…

      • Biba Bacha

        jo pehlay na ho to yehi model new hota hay 🙂

  • Aahad

    i am an engineering student. i need this tablet as i have a very old PC, and i dont have enough savings to buy one or upgrade 🙂
    Hopeful to get this one. 🙂

  • Imtiaz Saeed

    I want it for my son.

    • Matti Ullah

      to bhai ja k khareed lo..:D

  • Rafay Haleem

    i asked my brother for this tablet a few days ago and he said “kiya zaroorat hai”. Today he sent me this link and told me to “participate and win tht tablet u were asking me about “. Now i am here trying my luck! InshaAllah sub behtar hoga 😀

    If i win this, i would totally show off this tablet to my brother and family and thank God for my luck and how techjuice and homeshopping helped me 😀

  • sayem

    i want it because i don’t have it

  • umair rafiq

    Everyone wants it,people stop lying and saying stuff that it will change the life, I want it because
    1. First of all HSN is the best Online site of pakistan, Seriously the costumer service is great its my personal experience and hats off to the homeshopping and tech juice for making these giveaways. 2. I’m a very old costumer of HSN, I trust them the most. 3. I like tablet alot, and specially the nexus tab. 4. I tried hard to win the nexus tab in the recent refferal give away by HSN and I called those whom I have not talked for years just to make refferals ;)But sadly was unable to win one :(. 5. All my friends know the site HSN because of me and they order all the stuff only from you guys. 6. Lastly I would be very thankful to the HomeShopping team.

  • Khizar Tareen

    Well there’s a bleak chance of winning a tablet but eh what the heck. I require this tablet for playing games and enjoying my free time when I’m at home with my parents on weekends and have nothing else to do. Also being an Apple user I haven’t ever gotten any Android product and hence this’ll be my first, if ever I win it. Also haven’t ever bought a tablet and the Nexus 7 was on my list of ‘to buy’ items if I managed to get the cash for it.

  • Syed Abdul Sattar

    It is great tab..

  • mustafamalik

    I am a big android geek, and I love everything google.! 🙂 moreover I’m a student of software engineering and an aspiring android developer so this will help me test my codes.

  • Asfandyar Junejo

    I want this tablet so I can control Israel and hack their arming system and make sure when they press the red button
    the missles explode 😀
    so all together I want to hack Israeli missle system with the NEXUS 7 Tablet
    Thank u 😛

  • Abdullah Afzal

    I belong to a poor family and cudnt gather enough money through my job ( teaching in university). i need this tablet desperately

  • Ali Shahid

    It is not a desire, It is a need 😛
    Come to me my tab :3

  • Raja Rizwan

    I need it because i promise my 4 year old boy to get it for him from hsn webside … Every night i showed him his teblet from webside …. This is the only few promise i may able to fulfill by the help of hsn

  • safwan

    HomeShopping.Pk should give me this tablet because i need that one

  • Arbab Muhammad Musawir Hayat

    Being a tech freak I know the true value of such an elegant piece of art.

  • disqus_AgCAAOhcVf

    i will be moving to the uk for further studies and i need a tablet to stay in touch with my family back at home and keep up to date with my work and studies. phones do not give me the flexibility of a big screen and the ability to work and stay connected so a tablet is an ideal choice for me. added to the fact that i have been a big fan of the nexus 7 and i once owned one which i broke in an accident and am looking to use it once more.

  • Uzair Yaqoob

    I cannot afford this tablet or any other tablet. :'(

  • Moeed

    I have a nexus 5 and I want to add to the nexus family. I will gift to my younger brother who is learning to draw and sketch using a tablet.

  • Ghazan Khan

    because why not

  • Hammad Suhail

    I already own a Nexus 5 so it would be sweet to complete the Nexus family with a Nexus 7 tablet. 😀

  • Anonymous

    because its a giveaway and you are giving a tablet, so why not me? 🙂 plus I can’t get it at my own, I want to explore new things therefore it would be a nice addition.

  • moeez

    I always wanted a good tablet …… im learning about app developing and it would help me alot in achieving my ambition to be an android developer.

  • Asra

    I have always been a fan of Android and Nexus devices, but being a student I unfortunately cannot afford a high end device. So I would really love to win this Nexus 7!

  • Daniyal

    I regularly visit the homeshopping website, have had some good experiences with them, buying different accessories, selling my phone to them a long time ago. They’ve always been helpful, whether i contact them via email, website or visit the shop. Highly recommend it to others, and rate them as the best forum for online shopping – Reliable and trustworthy.

    PS. Working the advertising industry, word of mouth spreads fast here 😉

  • Zunaira Ali

    I run a small daycare in my home. I badly need this tablet So that It will help me to explore new activities for children.

  • Mohammad Talha

    i am cima student and need for online study material because of electricity problem in my area is at peak

  • Qasim Manzoor

    I am fortunate enough to have the most amazing elder brother in the world… I want to gift this tablet to him as he is a techno geek and loves technology. He spends most of his time checking out products on HSN and Im sure that If i give this tablet to him he will be extremely happy. I want to show him how much i appreciate him for always being there for me and that he is simply the best!

  • ahsan

    because home shopping is the biggest retailer of Pakistan

  • Tayyab Aziz

    I would like to win because I am a Nexus lover, but I can’t afford to get any. Homeshopping can help me to get this so that I can test new things, Test rooting, rom installation in Nexus 7 Tablet and learned from it.

  • Adil Warraich

    I am regular costumer of Homeshopping … and I seriously want a Tablet !
    I am doctor and I need it . I hope Homeshopping will give a favour to its regular customers by encouraging them to stick to their services.

  • Kashif Malim

    HSN should give me that tab because I’m one of their oldest customers and because I’ve always wanted a tab but never could get one for some reason. This would definitely make my life easier when the lights go out and I don’t have anything to do!

  • spikey

    because.. I need a tablet? aur kia bataun ? :/

  • Usama

    I want this like everyone wants this, because I’m a android lover, and also because i don’t have any tablet to do any experiments like trying different ROMs developing different roms and testing them.

  • muhammadusman82

    Because I will give it to my Loved one 🙂

  • Xage


    When the mountains cry, and the pond beside the highway makes a ripple effect, the lamb of the herd moans in despair.

  • Sheeraz Shaikh

    I like nexus products 🙂

  • Irum Nadeem Khan

    Well i want this tab for my 3 n half year old daughter who just started her school.This tab will be convenient for her home study ,,using learning and educational android apps.So she can easily learn new things and indulge in educational activities even i am not around her or busy doing my household chores.Thanks foe this amazing giveaway.

  • Ahmed Rehman

    Recently I broke my smartphone and im nowhere near buying a new one.. Plus im a total geek guy, always supported google devices because they are amazing. I always recommend my friend buying a nexus, wouldn’t owning one as well

  • Ahmed Rehman

    Recently I broke my smartphone and im nowhere near buying a new one..
    Plus im a total geek guy, always supported google devices because they
    are amazing. I always recommend my friend buying a nexus, wouldn’t
    mind owning one as well

  • jehanzeb

    I would like to have the tablet because I’m currently testing my apps on Sony tablets and this would give me an opportunity to tray out on a pure bread tablet. I have bought a few devices from home shopping in the past and have had a good experience.

  • Hamza Anas

    I’m a google, nexus, android and tech fanatic in general. Currently, doing software engineering to further please my tech enthusisam. Why should I have this device? Well its simple. I would need a seperate device to test all my android code and other form of android developments. And nexus is a perfect candidate because it runs pure android and gets all the latest google updates.

  • Ahmed Kharal

    coz i want it 😉

  • Anjum Zahoor

    Honestly..I need this tablet for my daughter who is 3. I have downloaded lots of apps that are helping her learn shapes and alphabets and also nursery rhymes. She sits down with me and shows me how these apps work and makes me point out different shapes and colors or feed the baby in this one app. Its amazing how these devices are making kids learn so fast. I download apps on my phone which has a 4.7 inch screen. I was looking for a good tablet but all the ones that fit my price range are the random dodgy Chinese versions. I feel a bigger screen will help her interact and learn more easily. Her hands might be tiny but the screen comparatively is tinier. So I would love it that my daughter gets this tablet because it would make daddy-betu time more fun. Thanks.

  • Shahzeb

    Well, I have been gadget lover for so long, I would definitely love owning nexus 7, a lovely tablet to have and use 😉

  • mehrox

    coz i want it for my medical apps ,surgical procedure videos n on the go stuff for medicine related topics.
    n coz google rocks n homeshopping r the pioneers of tech shopping in PAK

  • Well, I have been gadget lover for so long, I would definitely love owning nexus 7, a lovely tablet to have and use


    I am very ols user of i buy small amount of things but i thought it is nice for all those who want a thing at home
    I am also daily user and checking market prices with thats how market and social market is going.

    So u think i am good for this, offer
    Lets see


  • Syed Afzaal Ali

    all right, here’s the deal homeshopping and techjuice, you give me the tablet, and i’ll pay half the price, woohoooo, dont worry I wont let anybody know about it, its just between me and you guys 😉

    • FatimaRizwan


  • Junaid Rehman

    Never had experience with an Android Device, nothing could be better than getting my hand on the first Android device made by the developers of Android itself, Google.

  • Usama Maqsood

    because i already have one..i’ll sell both to buy a nexus 5 🙂

  • TaLha Khan


    I would like to win Nexus 7 because I need to look gentleman and be rich when i go out 😛

  • Muhammad Saad Ihsan

    tablets are a part of your life abroad their students get it on half or less price and in pakistan if u give this to me it’ll help me in my studies ( i’m doing engineering from UET Nwl ) as most of our books are online and laptops doesn’t offer the correct feel and user interface when it comes to reading books and related stuff.

  • THE

    I want it becasue it is an “Andriod” tablet not an customization apple product. No such use for it though.

    • THE

      Not an un-customizable*

  • Because, I Can’t Afford It Right Now.. 🙁

  • Harris

    Well, i’m an android dev. So giving me a nexus 7 would be benifical for Nexus 7 users, particularly those in Pakistan since i can make localized ROM’s for it, which suits Pakistani users, and increase its usability for locals. Also, i can provide tech support, in case anyone want’s to mod their tablets, and can’t understand the things at xda, which i can, and can teach them in a more easy way, in a way in which they can undertsand and not mess up. ^-^

  • Omar

    I just can’t wait to use the pure and the latest version of android.

  • Muhammad Kamran Qadri

    Because i love nexus devices and take full advantages of the device…

  • Mohsin Khan

    I own a Nexus 4, a nexus 5 and a nexus 7 (2013). The only 2 (recent) devices missing from my collection are a nexus 10 and the old nexus 7. Can’t get a nexus 10 since its too expensive ;p would love to get this device since I can mod the heck out of it at will then 😀

  • Waqar

    I guess being an Android fan, I have the equal rights to get this tablet as anyone else do. Will try to experiment more, discover more and develop stuff on android.

  • Saad

    I am Med student and i have bought some articles from home shopping , its a wonderful place to shop !!
    All the best guys

  • Mohammad Ali

    Because stone cold said so!!!!

  • Ahmar

    I want nexus tablet, because I just want it !

  • Ahsan

    Hi, I will be leaving for graduate school abroad this fall i.e. September. So I want to leave this Nexus 7 with my family so that I can stay in touch with them 🙂

  • Waqas Muzaffar

    I am in competition with no one. I play no game of being better than anyone. I have no intention of running life race with anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday by scoring Nexus 7.

  • Waqas Muzaffar

    After getting Nexus 7 I bet I’ll be the best blogger and reviewer of the product.

  • Feroze Saeed

    I need it coz i want to take advantage of raw power this tab got 😀

  • ShahKhan

    because i can’t afford it so give it to me… i will use it for my android app development in future

  • ShahKhan

    because i need it!

  • Kazi Murtaza

    everyone has one, its about time I get one too, so give it to me. thanks

  • Hassan

    Because I need to check mails and respond ’em without delay on the move anytime and anywhere

  • Sahar Waqar

    You should give this to me because I need it. Currently i lack resources for building applications for my software projects. I am Software engineer. It would help me in my career.

  • arooj

    I want to have it because I want to make my mum proud and give this to her as her birthday gift, cause I’m a student and cannot earn such huge amount of money on my own right now plus want to show her that I don’t chat on fb whole day long, I also do some good stuff and not to mention my eternal loveeee for Google and Android products and want to make my mum aware of these fascinating products as well.

  • Android learner and love the nexus. A pure beauty!

  • Aatif

    I am planning to buy a tablet for studying purposes so it will be nice if I get breakthrough here

  • Maliha

    Because I’ve never been lucky enough to win something haha so it would be pretty miraculous if I did!

  • Yasir Mirza

    Because I got taste to like it and figure out time to do whatsoever required to have it i.e. following and liking links etc.

  • Amjad

    simply, i deserve it 🙂

  • Sam

    I like lamp

  • Mustafa Qaizar

    I am already using nexus 4 and I am a google device fan. Eid is round the corner and I want to gift nexus 7 to my wife as a nice eidi. One cannot imagine how much happy this would make her. 🙂 🙂

  • Zain Mustafa

    Being in the world of Android who would want to miss the chance to get Nexus 7.

  • To assure me that this Giveaway was really REAL. 😀

  • Rida Hamid

    I am an intern at Microsoft Innovation Centre Lahore and Microsoft Student Partner as well. I need this tablet so that it can help me in studies and in development as well.

  • Fatima

    Because, i want to explore this tablet 😀

  • Tanzeel

    HomeShopping.Pk should give this tablet to me because i am a regular user of
    , and i wanna use
    HomeShopping.Pk on nexus tablet. Thanks

  • Zunaira Qureshi

    umm, well i need this tablet cox some people are so IOS obsessed around me that they’re of the view that android copies iOS hah! Wanna show how cool is it getting an android tablet and how amazing it works. 😀

  • Hafsa

    Excellent Deal, I would be honored if offered one as i am totally hooked on Iphone would love to see how this works.
    Hafsa chawdry

  • saleha

    I am a gadget freak and will be glad if I get this. Even if I have to pay the half price I will!

  • Zain Abbas

    Well i just lost my only smartphone recently and just short of budget on a new one but i guess this tab would suffice.

  • Asim

    Would love to try out the new gadget. I was thinking of saving some money to buy a new tablet but if i get it for i’ll be glad and may as well go on to use it productively.

  • Bilal

    I am a engineering student and having a tablet will help me alot, besides i always wanted to have nexus 7.

  • Shahid

    Becs i think i need it … As i cant aford to buy it and i simply love nexus series

  • Hamad Dar

    I’ve owned Nexus 7 (courtesy of HSN, Order # 38865 :P)
    And my Nexus 7 just died on me last week. Would be great customer service to get the replacement courtesy of HSN!

    Go HSN!

    • Ghareeb Admi

      bus kar motay, hamaray liay bhi kuch chor day

      • Hamad Dar

        Meine konsa le liya hai tum say bc :/

  • Shakeel

    Its mine for sure. 😛

  • Shahbaz Nazir

    because y not? #HS #FTW

  • Azkaar Ali

    I am an iOS developer, gifting me an Android device could lead me to use and develop for Android.

  • Ammar Asif

    Because I didn’t get chance to go to Pakistan Ramadan Transmission and participated here 😛

  • Nana Kofi Owusu

    I am a little low on cash and i need a tablet for research and other study related stuff but i can’t afford one so please consider me. Thanks guys.

  • Mr. AR

    hmm i didn’t used tabs if i’ll won i definitely try it .

  • Taha

    You can print Home Shopping logo on it and give it to me. This way when I use it in public it will be an advertisement for you and utility for me. Think about it.

  • Qasim Zaib

    Well, I’m an Android developer and a Nexus fan. I can put it to good use 🙂

    • Junaid

      Liar :p

  • Faraz

    because i need it………………………

  • Mubashar Abbas

    I am a regular visitor of Home shopping and have bought various products from them. they are doing an awesome job in beating extra profit makers in the market by giving products at such a low cost. Also, this will be my first experience with Techjuice. I like this offer by techjuice to spread their word and I would even spread their word more when I get the tablet and show it off to others as a gift given by Techjuice.
    Last but not the least, never tried google gadget and I would love to have my hands on experience on this tablet.

    Thank you 🙂

  • Fizz

    Because I love nexus and I don’t have a tablet.

  • Muhammad Khalil


  • Asim Raza

    plz give me.. i want it.. i need it… just like food and water

  • Faheem Ud Din

    I’ve got everything else. Only tablet is missing, so I must get this! 🙂

  • Citizen Khan

    The reason why I should get this tablet is that I want to gift is to my wife on our first wedding anniversary which is on 11th August. If I gift her the Nexus 7, it will be a gift that she will cherish for a long time and will always remember.
    I hope you make my dream come true. And I will also get a chance to check out L developer preview which is available for Nexus 7 and also check out custom roms like MIUI, Cyanogenmod etc.

    So fingers crossed !

  • rayan

    need it simply

  • hina

    I need it because i am a student and definatly helping in my studies.

  • Tanveer

    I need it because its awesome…

  • Farhan

    A gift is always overwhelming. Gratitude!
    I cannot fight nor ask. If it comes to me, that’s my luck.

  • Saad Azhar loves tech and I do too so maybe I should win this awesome nexus.

  • Hieu Hoang Trong

    Why not ? I’m a huge fan of Nexus 7, i want it so bad !!!

  • Nazia Iqbal

    I want to win this for my mother because her birthday is coming and she has cooking craze , if i win this beautiful prize , i will gift it to my mom as a birthday gift so through it she can easily find new and interesting cooking recipes within a second, it will be a great honor to me also if i’ll choose as a winner 🙂 thanks for arranging such a nyc giveaway for us.
    Followed all steps successfully

  • hina

    i need it so badly because i can carry it easily in university and also i m a big fan of Nexus 7

  • Sundus

    In Love with #Nexus because of it’s fantabulous features, splendid design, its stunning all day battery life, best travelling companion and last but not the least that Nexus 7 is top-drawer gaming tablet on this planet!!

  • Maimoona Rashid

    I want to win this because I love winning 🙂

  • sehrish razzak

    wow great <3

  • Saqib Kaleem

    I am a student and I’m in need of tablet to do my assignments, projects, presentations etc.
    I will be very glad to have it 🙂

  • Hassam Malik

    As i don’t have any tablet so i would definitely need one and experience Nexus 7, as it is one of the best tablet in the market 🙂


    because i Participate in #Nexus7 #Giveaway by @TechJuicePk sponsored by @HomeShoppingPK Link: #Android #Google #Tablet & i want your tablet simple 🙂 #ilikenexusbrand (Y)

  • Maria Z

    It’s my mom’s birthday on the 14th of August (I know, how cliched!) but I have been facing a dilemma whether to get her a smartphone or not. You see she’d totally hate me if I buy one for her because that according to her is a hefty spending and she’s always tried to avoid spending lavishly on herself. Even if I get one for her, instead of being pleased she’d get pissed and that’s the last thing I want her to feel on her birthday. So I guess this competition is godsend. She wouldn’t say so but it’s about time she got a tablet for herself, to stay connected with her friends and family without feeling guilty she’s spent beyond our household budget. 🙁

  • Mario Khan

    because i want it.. m tired of using boring phones with no games … i love playing my al friends are on watsapp bt not me.. n they dnt twk to me. bcuz they dont txt .. they only watsapp..

  • Muhammad Asfandyar

    Because i have done all the steps given above to win nexus tab….

  • Afsana Prasla

    I don’t have a tablet thats why i want to win this its an amazing prize thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • Janshair Khan

    I am an android developer and i will get a chance to test my apps on nexus 7 before sending it to clients.

  • Mario Khan

    because i want it.. i love this tab. and it will also be beneficial for my assignments tests.. i can take it to my uni.. and study there in my free timings.. plus can play games..

  • Stan Papusa

    It would be a great birthday present since on 15th August i turn 30! woo-hoo! Anyway, i’m a big fan of Android tablets and Nexus 7 is just great! What’s more awesome? Well, simply put, HomeShopping and Techjuice of course! 🙂

  • Zarmeen Saeed


  • Muhammad Waqas

    I want Tablet,Because i have no tablet.i like tablet.and i hope win this In Sha Allah

  • Amin Armani

    i would love to win this tablet

  • Somaeya

    In Love with #Nexus because of it’s fantabulous features, splendid design, its stunning all day battery life, best travelling companion…I am a university student and I’m in need of tablet to do my assignments and projects,presentations etc….
    I will be glad to have it plz i want it.. i love this tab. …:) so i hope to win this Tab INSHALLAH..thankz…:)

  • Riffat Alam

    I run an online business and this would just be the thing to help my work along! 🙂

  • Zohra Gul

    i want to win because its my big wish to win tablet
    , this help me in my study , i dnt have tblt thats why want to win

  • Warda Fatima

    i want o win this because i am new here i never buy any thing from u i want to try i just love this tablet i never win tablet infact i am trying to win ot from 4 year i alway work hard but in last another win i hurt but didn;t say anything and try another one i want this as my eid git i am going to married in setember
    i have a great wish to win from u in this ramzan after 5 day before i win a cellfone trust me i am very happy i just feel that i am in seven heaven i give him my detail but they rely we making fool to people can u help us if u help us we will made u a admin of this page i am very hurted my hard work goes under water i am writing this comment but i know my this presentation also goes under water anyy other win but in ramdan i am wishing to win it and my blessing are with evry partciapnt i am hapy
    in 19 june i am come back from saudia after erforminh um rah but believ me i feel thhat i go to perform yesterday and some time i feel i perform umrah in 2008 i just love their peole and wish to win iam pray alot for my luck
    now i leave this at my god
    ALLAH hel me
    best of luck guys

  • Guest

    In Love with #Nexus because of it’s fantabulous features, splendid design, its stunning all day battery life, best travelling companion…I am a university student and I’m in need of tablet to do my assignments and projects,presentations etc….
    I will be glad to have it plz i want it.. i love this tab. …:) so i hope to win this Tab INSHALLAH..thankz…:)

  • Usamah

    I have been trying real hard to get this tab for studies related purpose and for development purposes. But its too expensive and I’m a broke college student. This give away may get me this tablet and hopefully I can go on woth

  • Sumaira Javed

    Aoa,I want to win this awesom gift.i deserve to win it because I need it for two reasons.firstly I want to utililize it while teaching my kids at home as now a days it is quite hard to understand syllabus without the help of internet.
    Secondly I am a teacher.need to describe many things while teaching with video clips,flash card etc.but as that method became very expensive and time consuming so this tablet can do le my problem.i can download related stuff from internet on tablet and show it to students during teaching.
    Looking forward for ur cooperation.
    JazakAllah .

  • irfan ullah khan

    i need it and if i will win this then it will be very helpful for me .

  • Fahad Sheikh

    Why HomeShopping.Pk should give you this tablet?

  • Salman amjad

    Well i am android developer but using iphone from last one year :P… so i need nexus7 so that i can carry on with android in future

  • Ahmad Raza

    Want to Win this Nexus 7 tablet Because i don’t have the one right now.. 😀

  • Ghazanfar Ali Riaz

    Bcoz i would like to take Tablet in GB’s not in mgs (milligrams) 😀

  • Ammar

    I love Nexus! and I love you! 😀

  • Jeny Jenica

    Want to Win this Nexus 7 tablet Because i don’t have the one right now

  • Biya Naseer

    Bcoz i dnt have tablet ;(

  • Jawad Qaiser

    Cause Iam so damn awesome thats why !! Duh

  • Dhaivat Trivedi

    can i enter? i am from india…

    • FatimaRizwan

      yes sure!

  • Asjad Ali Naqvi


  • MubashirAmin

    Are you really giving it? Prove it by giving it to me 😐

  • Waqar Younus

    I need Nexus 7 for my study so help me

  • Umaima Bint Dia

    An aspiring Android app developer, hence would love the pure Android experience <3

    [edit] P.S. How on earth would you recognise someone with a different twitter handle and facebook name?!

  • Sam Siddiqui

    Oh come on… I just want it.. for no apparent reason… how about that :p

  • Sheikh Ikram

    Homeshopping if you give me this tablet i will pay you 80% price of the tablet 😛 . But if you give this to me for free, I will give it to a needy person. IA 🙂

  • Saad Shahid

    Because i love youu :*

  • waqas

    bcz i dnt have one 😛

  • Brigitte Bauman

    I want to win this prize because I have never own a tablet (I still use my old fashion minute cell phone) I see my friends use their tablets and I would love to join in the fun and see how to download an app.

  • Guest

    Because……………………………………………….. I need it.

  • umer farooq

    Because………………………………………….. I want it.

  • Hassan Saeed

    I am going to be a father soon InSha’Allah, So I would love to document and share with family the first year of my child’s life using the tablet.

  • Assad

    its simple as tht…. i like winning and i m here to win this Nexus 7 tablet

  • Almas Mustaqeem should give me this tablet so I could order easily from you guys in future whether I am on the go or at home instead of bothering to use PC or laptop…. 😀

  • asfandyar shah

    i want it because i will give it to my parents,They did everything for us and are still doing.Never spending money on themselves though every person has a dream of having good car good dress good cellphone and etc they always stay simple and making our life better.
    As being a student i cant afford to give them such gift,But i hope i can make them happy through this i guess. love you ami abo.
    Oh and they can use all the social media sites to be connected to my brother abroad.:D

  • asfandyar shah

    i want it because i will give it to my parents,They did everything for us and are still doing.Never spending money on themselves though every person has a dream of having good car good dress good cellphone and etc they always stay simple and making our life better.
    As being a student i cant afford to give them such gift,But i hope i can make them happy through this i guess. love you ami abo.
    Oh and they can use all the social media sites to be connected to my brother abroad.:D

  • Sana

    Becaus3 i deserve to have this from you :p

  • Kashif

    HSN should gibe me this tab cax i m promoting their brand 😛

  • Fahad Shabbir

    mera beta iss per games khele ga 😀 😛

  • Need for Educational Purpose and Studies+Movies 😀

  • Muhammad Iqbal

    I would like my daughter(6 years old) to use a nexus 7.


    جہاں تک ہے ٹیبلیٹ کی بات تو یہ تو ہے نصیبوں کا کھیل ۔۔۔ ہم نے شمولیت کر لی ۔۔۔

    آپ کا سوال کہ آپ ہمیں ٹیبلیٹ کیوں دیں؟ اچھا سوال ہے ۔۔۔
    میں کہتا ہوں کیوں نہ دیں؟ ۔۔۔ کمپیوٹر تو لائٹ نہ ہونے کی وجہ سے چلتا نہیں۔۔۔ موبائل اس قابل نہیں کہ براؤزنگ کی جائے۔۔۔ لے دے کر اب اس ٹیبلیٹ ہی پر اپنا وقت قیمتی بنائیں گے ہم ۔۔۔ اگر ہمیں یہ ٹیبلیٹ نہ ملی تو جو وقت ہمارا ضائع ہوا اس کا ذمہ دار آپ کو ٹہرائیں گے۔۔۔ 🙂
    آپ کی ٹیبلیٹ کو ہم جن مقاصد میں استعمال کریں گے امید ہے کہ ملکی و قومی مفاد میں ہی ہوں گے۔۔۔ کیونکہ ہمارے شوق ایسے ہی ہیں۔۔۔

    باقی رہی بات یہاں موجود لوگوں کی ۔۔۔ بھائی سب کے سب انگریزی میں کمنٹ کر رہے ۔۔۔ ہمیں انگریزی آتی نہیں اس لیے ہم اردو میں ہی لکھیں گے ۔۔۔ ویسے بھی دو کمپنیوں کا ذکر کیا آپ نے ۔۔۔ دونوں ہی پاکستانی ہیں ۔۔۔ یقینا میرا یہ اردو کا کمنٹ سمجھ آ ہی جائے گا ۔۔۔ 🙂

  • Amit Jha

    I have nexus 5 and I want this to add in my collection of gadgets


    To experience Nexus Tablet , i am here to avail this chance.

  • amanda

    since I can’t afford a lot of newer technology it would be nice to have something like that!

  • Paul T

    Because HomeShopping.Pk makes me happy everyday!!!

  • Usman

    I want this because I already have Tab 3, and I am planning to buy one for my wife. Agar ye mil jaye to bachat ho jaye….. hehe

  • usman zia

    well i am big fan of homeshopping and techjuice as well as i use to have nexus 7 32gig with me but it has broken down … i really need to have this great piece of technology with me 🙂 cheers

  • Sohaib Asif

    I am not going to write long stories about how nexus 7 would make my life easier or how beneficial it would be.. Just give me the tab, I wanna know how it works and why the world is crazy for this thing called tablet !

  • Roveshia

    I want to gift this tablet to my mother!!

  • Everyone here i too want that tablet.For me i want this tablet because i don’t even have a mobile phone.So having this tablet would give me an opportunity to us next generation gadget.So that is why i think should give me this tablet.

  • Abdul Qayyum

    I am an Entrepreneur and liked strategy of ‘HomeShopping.Pk‘ for getting real users with least investment. I also appreciate the way Fatima Rizwan get her user base alongside too. Don’t mind if you give tablet to someone else. Fatima can we make same kind of partnership in coming months for our startup? ……….Good marketing strategy.

  • Imran Khan

    I don’t have one. 🙂

  • Aixax Ali

    because i want to experience that great tablet cant have a new one from my pocket money 🙁

  • Debra Holloway

    I am in college trying to earn my masters degree. Money is very tight as I am also disabled. I would like you to award me the Nexus 7 because it would benefit me on so many levels.

  • Amin Aslam Merchant

    A person using a HTC Desire HD for 2 years definitely deserves a Nexus 7 tablet. Enough said !

  • Trish Williams

    Id love to win because I dont have a tablet but desperately need one for work and school.TY for the chance

  • Meer Hamza

    its your call……:)

  • Ahmad Nauman Mirza

    I ordered from them and they make me wait for almost 2 weeks.After which they said they are having issues as stock is not available. …so i never got my tablet :/

  • Sharon Howard

    I need a tablet for my daughter to use at college because she needs a tablet and she doesn’t have one.

  • Being a book blogger, I need Nexus 7 tab to read ebooks because I don’t have an e-reader/tablet. As most of the books are now in digital format and as my blog is growing I now do get review requests for ebooks. So, I can’t sit in front of the PC for day long reading an ebook.
    With having Nexus 7 tab I can easily read ebooks at ease and while reading I can tweet and update the readers with quotes and plots of the book on various social networks.
    So, getting Nexus 7 tab would be like a dream came true. I can carry it around wherever I go and update my blog on the run. It would help me save plenty of time and multi-tasking would become very easy for me.

    P.S. I have read approx. 65 ebooks on my PC and I do feel slight back pain sometimes while sitting for 24/7 in the same position. I don’t have a document reading phone, otherwise it would have saved some trouble. So, I would be grateful If I won.
    Note: I can also put an advertisement of HomeShopping and TechJuice on my blog for free, If you guys give the tab to me right now. 😀
    Goodluck to all those who have entered. Yeah, I know everyone loves free stuff and especially gadgets in this era of technology. 😛

  • Faisal Basra

    Random winning is about luck. HS try to me.

  • Nizar Ali

    Hey, I am a Tech Savvy person and I love gadgets. I mostly do buy or get reviews from, while being a regular customer and visitor of since last 3 years, I’ve found them reliable, best solution provider and customer service among all. They value their customer. I recommend them to all my friends. So yes Home shopping you gift me Nexus 7. Cheers 🙂

  • Mujtaba Shaukat

    HomeShopping.Pk should give me this tablet because i want to gift it to my little brother so he can play games on it and be entertained all day

  • muhammad

    CUZ my niece is going to start her school this august and i want it for her because she could learn and play with it making it all around experience for her like listening to poem and playing game like angry birds the same time, making this tab her perfect school gift.

  • Nouman Tariq

    I love nexus 7. I am an online marketer and also Google certified who love Google products. I own moto g already but I would love to have a tablet too. 🙂
    Let’s hope to win it on 14 August.

  • Khalil Rizvi

    I just got admission in a university and I think that more than half of the work will be carried out on laptop/computer.. So in this case, i think im the most eligible candidate who’s in a dire need of such an amazing device.

  • Asjad Ali Naqvi

    i just neeeddddddddddddddddd it

  • Hashim

    Well, i’m an android dev. So giving me a nexus 7 would be benifical for Nexus 7 users, particularly those in Pakistan since i can make localized ROM’s for it, which suits Pakistani users, and increase its usability for locals. Also, i can provide tech support, in case anyone want’s to mod their tablets, and can’t understand the things at xda, which i can, and can teach them in a more easy way, in a way in which they can undertsand and not mess up.

  • Syra

    Because I love HomeShopping.Pk and it is so user friendly. Plus I am a developer so, I want it.

  • Arslan

    I wouldn’t like to say any bullshit over here, wouldn’t even like to praise you in lame and false words. Head to head: When you give me this Nexus 7, any one around me when would ask me about this, I’d definitely and truly refer them to you: More and more people will get to know about you and I’ll get the device; and it is fair enough. See how simple is that!

  • immaduddinkhan


  • Hassaan

    I should have this tab because “main class main first aaya tha” :p

  • Talha Shaikh

    so.. i am a marketing executive of an educational institute and i have to travel to different areas for outreach and participate in different events… the tab will help me stay online to do my work on the go… and as some said that he will pay half the price.. i will give half of the amount of tab directly to you fatima… 😀
    how does that sound to you ??!? 😛 😉

  • Usama

    I am going for a start up and I need a phone or android tab to manage my server on the go and my mails everywhere. So That’s why I want it 🙂

  • Ahsan Masood

    As far as the look goes, it’s thinner, slimmer and smarter, significantly easier to hold in one hand than the original version. Packed with 323 ppi, it’s also the world’s sharpest 7 inch tablet screen.
    And for software, it got android, and not just any android, android 4.4.2 Kit Kat, latest version available. Known for much faster multitasking and touch screen responsiveness (like an iPad), you can listen to music while browsing the web, watch movies while scrolling through IMDB, all without a hitch. Kit kat also includes full screen album and movie art, which hides everything except what you want to watch, and don’t forget all the exciting apps that comes with android. Can’t wait to get my hands on one

  • Because I don’t have any android device yet. :/ 🙂

  • abdulsalamlive

    HomeShopping should give me this tablet because I want to a tablet with me everytime I go out! I cannot take laptop anywhere with me! So a tablet would be handy and it would be real great If I win! Hoping for the best! and HomeShopping and TechJuice rocks!

  • affan

    I need nexus 7 for a couple to reasons…
    I’m an CS student and develop android apps.I have to test my application on a device, secondly nexus 7 has a big screen which help me to read e-books this is why i need this device.

  • Mubashir

    Asalam u Alaikum I am computer science student I want nexus 7 because it will help me for testing my games and help me to test other apps related to my studies so it is very important to me for my studies.

  • Faraz Ahmed

    i’m a IT student and currently learning android dev so i need a device to implement all that which i have learned so far and which i’ll learn later on! I really need a android device to become a expert on it ! So Please do me a favor if you think i’m deserving 🙂

  • Muhammad Abid

    I want to get this apportunity,because i am a programmer and as well as developer .In short Nexus 7 is my need.

  • Novice

    Coz i dont want to beg for this at Amir Liaqat’s show someday! This is a nice decent way of getting it 😀

  • Saad

    You ask why? cuz its easier and secure to root than any other tablet… 🙂

  • Ahmad Waseem

    beacuse this device is remaining to complete my nexus family

  • Noor Ul Huda

    want to gift google nexus 7 to my mom 🙂

  • Rameez Khan

    I need it because i never own a tablet 🙁

  • shakeeltariq

    Look at the time I’m doing this.. shows how badly I want the tablet.

  • Sarah Tariq Gilani

    Previously, I gifted my mom a nexus but now I have to make it up to my dad.
    Please give me one for domestic equality, true love, #BestDaughterEver and peace shall prevail. lol

  • Ahsan Sher

    I don’t find any reason writing the essay over here for tablet. The main point is I love to win gifts so that’s why I need it.. Thank you.

  • Mahloyal Fazal

    Commerce Scholar, in need of portable device for reading different research articles. As i spend most of time in the field. It will allow me easy access to different research oriented portals to complete my work well with accuracy and it will allow me high speed internet connection availability for all times that i have no other such device to work on continuously with internet connection.

  • Nexus 7 is one of my favorite device, but due to high prices and late availability of the product in Pakistan most of us are unable to buy this product, This is a great initiative of techjuice along with homeshopping, i am new here but in the past i make some purchases from homeshopping which is a very great site and they provide nice service. i would love to have this gadget in my hands, because i don’t have the money to buy this device and will be a great help for me in my upcoming future projects, as i want to learn and code apps for the mobile arena, i will be able to test my stuff on this large screen awesome device..hope to win this….

  • Ahmed

    I want Nexus , for No Reason , I just want it 🙂

  • Mr. AR

    required for my personal use as i’ve lost my nexus and cant afford new
    just i need it.

  • Maab

    There is a grammatical mistake in the description of the 5th step: “Multiple entrees will be ignored” .. it should be..
    and if that’s not reason enough.. gimme that thing because if one day you
    wake up and find a ..ummh.. relatively small Godzilla standing beside
    your bed with his arms folded and the green saliva slowly trickling from
    his closed mouth with two of the gigantic teeth protruding outwards as
    if he is ferociously angry at you making him wait so long (He wanted you
    to suffer and not die in sleep so he didn’t kill you before) ..and the
    moment he tries to leap towards you… an arrow would come out of
    nowhere, barging through the window and striking the Godzilla in the
    heart..and he would fall down and scream in agony as he dies..

    That day you’d remember giving me this Tablet above the rest of the world
    because there is nobody who can aim at a Godzilla heart better than me and certainly nobody who remembers a favor better either. :3
    Fair bargain, eh?

    • Harris

      In 16 Hours you got 12 votes, each of them as guest votes. That doesn’t sound suspicious at all.

      • Maab

        Read the rules again: It’s not about the up-votes, love. Best of luck!


    Well the tablet is damn cool but I think, I am not going to win it because the give away is just a mere a illusion with no real existence.

  • I already have an ipad device which I use for product development, we developed mobile application for both iphone and andriod devices , this free device help me to test my applications and explore the new features of samsung products.

  • Muhammad Suleman making shopping easier in Pakistan whether that you want a jacket,tv, laptop anything to smartphones and tablets just with some clicks you get your stuff delivered to your home without moving an inch and that is the reason i want that tab so any new stuff which catches my eye i just pay visit to the site and get it delivered.because I am tired of searching every stuff in the market and now dont want to move an inch

  • Congratulation Mr NUMAN ZAHID on willing this great Tablet.

    With the Tablet you also get a 1 Year HSN Warranty Plan for free so you don’t have to worry about the What if’s in life 😀 ..

  • pickme!!

    I want it 😮