No new feature for next iOS, Apple will focus on improving operating system!

Written by Nimra Puri ·  1 min read >
iOS 11

Apple has been the face of innovation in the tech industry for last 10 years. The Cupertino-giant always come up with the new admirable feature and fascinating devices but since iOS has been facing issues, the company is looking forward to developing its focus on improving its operating feature rather than introducing new features.

Apple users started complaining about iOS 11 half a year ago when the new iOS was released. According to Bloomberg, there are a number of bugs and glitches in new iOS 11, which resulted in complications while using iPhone models. Most frequent bugs that users have been experiencing are:

  1. Frequent app crashing.
  2. Notification delay of incoming phone calls or sometimes blank screen during calls.
  3. Text messages appearing out of order.
  4. iPhone displays unresponsiveness in cold temperature.
  5. An autocorrect bug that changed the letter “i” to “A[?]”

However, due to the unreliable situation of errors now users are not updating their software. Only 65% of iOS users have updated to iOS 11, as compared to last year’s percentage of iOS 10 which was 79%, according to Apple’s developer website.

After receiving a number of complaints, the company has decided to halt new features for next two years and will be more focused on improving the operating system. The major responsibility comes on the shoulders of Apple’s engineers as they worked on new features-packed upgrades in iOS every year and because of that, some features remained imperfect, which later on created problems in software.

Apple’s software head Craig Federighi told engineers last month that they would have “more time to work on new features and focus on under-the-hood refinements without being tied to a list of new features annually simply so the company can tout a massive year-over-year leap,” as reported by Bloomberg.

So, apparently, Apple fans won’t have a major redesign of the Home screen or a massive new feature in their iOS devices rather they would have a bug-free and more reliable iOS this fall.