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Now you can explore Centaurus Mall through a Mobile Application

Written by Maryam Dodhy ·  1 min read >
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The Centaurus Mall has become Islamabad’s favorite hangout place in the 2 years since its launch. Now, to assist their customers in a better experience, Centaurus has launched its own app. The app was released early this week and already has over 1000 downloads on Google Play and App Store.

The homepage of the app is a simple design with various categories like Entertainment, Food Court, Shops and Maps. The Shops and Food Court options will lead you to a complete list of brands housed in Centaurus where you can search a brand, take a virtual tour of the shop and locate a shop’s position in the Mall.

The Maps option will let you see the map of any of the five floors or take a virtual tour of The Centaurus. With the Entertainment option you can search through the show times of The Centaurus Cineplex or read about the deals at Fun City.

All in all the purpose of the app is justified. It will definitely help customers to maneuver around easily rather than roaming around aimlessly. However, the app could still use some more work. The design needs some improvement to become more esthetically pleasing. The pictures appear stretched. The homepage has a slideshow that is pretty much useless since it promotes brands when the app already has an option for promotions. Once you click on a brand its details are displayed and that’s it. If Centaurus wants to attract more customers with their app, then they should have new deals and sales promotions along with the brand details.

Moreover, the Centaurus Cineplex page appears more like a webpage, with a greater screen-size than your mobile’s. It should be made more mobile-friendly in my opinion. Also, the virtual tour, instead of opening on the app, is redirected to an IP address.

The app is new but hopefully it will be updated with better features. You can download it for Android and iOS.

Written by Maryam Dodhy
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