Now you can monitor your electricity consumption with this new bill

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Electricity Generation

Starting this month, K-Electric has introduced a revamped version of their bill that is not only simpler but extremely user-friendly. As compared to the previous version, the new bill provides a comprehensive information to the customers about their electricity consumption. It contains the analysis of 13-month historical consumption data, comparative analysis of the previous month and the same month in the previous year. Customers can also view their billing and payment records for six months.

New features also include a barcode for internal use of K-Electric and QR code for providing useful information to the customers. QR Code was not available in previous versions, and its initiation will help customers access important information through their smartphones. Customers can view their tariff information and useful tips on energy conservation to maintain their bills. The code can be accessed with any QR Code reader available on app stores.

The comparative analysis of previous month and year also indicate the temperature at that time as the prevailing temperature correlates with the energy consumption. The consumption information will help the customers. to interpret how they are consuming the energy and manage it accordingly. The information is provided in such a way that it does not only look minimalistic but also provides a helpful user experience.

K-Electric serves more than 2.5 million customers and has been increasingly working towards ensuring customer satisfaction and dealing promptly with negative feedback. It was found that the electric-supply company responds to 87% users in a 20-second record time. With the new bill, K-Electric is enabling customers to be aware of their consumption patterns and use electricity responsibly. If you are a K-Electric customer, this infographic issued by the electric-supply company will help you understand the new bill.


Written by Asra Rizwan
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