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Official Statement for our users, Shahmir Khan, CEO Travly

Written by Shahmir Khan ·  1 min read >

Dear friends, sympathizers, foes, and haters,

Thank you once again for trending us all over the internet. We have thoroughly enjoyed the feedback, jokes, and sarcastic comments. 12th of August will always be remembered as the day when Burny’s istikhara (divine indication) broke the internet!

We want to put an end to all speculations, factual inaccuracies, especially in social media posts of some of the most self-proclaimed industry experts who promise much and deliver even less than our average Tuk Tuk… So here goes:

  1. Yes, Burny has chosen to leave Travly because he wants to respect his family’s wishes. It was a very tough decision on his part. We respect his reasons.
  2. No, there were no issues whatsoever amongst the team, or in the business – we’ve recently raised a substantial amount of investment for God’s sake! Would any of you leave with money on the table? We think not dear bloggers.
  3. Before anything was signed with CresVentures, they were informed of Burny’s decision to leave the company and they fully understood. No one was kept in dark, except you all. Lelz!
  4. There is a non-compete clause in the agreement, however, we have agreed not to restrict Talaal from working in any organization that is directly/indirectly a competitor. He believes in Travly, we believe in Travly. So why worry, bro? Let the games begin!

Sometimes, life just happens. Whether we want it to or not. Talaal’s exit from Travly is very unfortunate. His association with Travly was both professional and emotional. He chose to inform us of his exit and we communicated the same to Humayun Mazhar of CresVentures, who understood fully. There is a non-compete clause in the agreement, however, the company has decided not to restrict him from working with anyone whether a direct or indirect competitor. He leaves Travly with our friendship intact and while we are sorry to see him go we fully understand and respect his reasons.

With these recent developments, we are focused more than ever on bringing travly to every nook and corner of the country. I and my team will continue to strive hard to make excellent localized services available for every Pakistani. And in our way, there will be ups and downs, despite which, we believe, our beloved users, will stay on our side.

One more thing… Apni rozee roti pe focus karein aur parvaaz thori neeche rakhein!

— Shahmir & Team Travly

Written by Shahmir Khan
I am the cofounder and CEO of Travly. Profile